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Why Whatsapp Business is a Popular Tool for Micro Enterprises

    Get creative with customer communication by integrating WhatsApp in your business strategy. WhatsApp Business offers great opportunities for brands to increase their reach and visibility, and take brands to the next level.
    WhatsApp, the popular messaging app has millions of active users all over the globe. And now, with the introduction of ‘WhatsApp Business API’, companies worldwide are finding this application to be the most fitting tech platform for last-mile customer reach.
    • Businesses find WhatsApp to be an acceptable substitute for a website or app – due to its flexibility. WhatsApp is easy to use. Its features are easy to understand and can be operated by people of all ages.
    • Businesses find it affordable. Businesses find this application an acceptable substitute for a website since it is a free messaging app. It allows companies to list the business and keep in touch with customers at no cost. It reduces cost of SMS messages, while garnering customer trust by letting them know that the service message comes from a verified brand.

    Uses of WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business connects businesses to customers by providing updates, support and the option to connect to customers’ personal mobile phones. WhatsApp Business also supports WhatsApp Web, by which you can manage the service online, without a mobile app. Here's how WhatsApp Business provides a platform for businesses to interact better with their customers:
    • Real-Time Customer Service

    With WhatsApp Business, you can offer real-time customer service. And because the app supports rich media, you can use text, audio, or video to provide a personalized customer service experience. This is especially important for startups/ newborn entrepreneurs as it will help you build a strong relationship with your customer. Moreover, this personalized service
    will not only keep your customers happy but will also keep your product and your business on top of the customer’s mind  - be it any season.
    • Trusted Engagement with Secure Messaging

    With WhatsApp Business solution, you can assure the end-user that they are not interacting with a scammer. For users, they can check if the company's account is verified by WhatsApp. On the other hand, as a business person, you can verify if the user is genuine because of WhatsApp's built-in two-factor authentication. Moreover, since WhatsApp empowers end-to-end encryption you can assure your customer privacy protection and a trusted engagement.

    Top Agencies Providing WhatsApp Business Solutions

    Many WhatsApp Agencies in India are making it easier for businesses to reach customers through the WhatsApp Business API. As an authorized Business Solution Provider, these agencies are ready to help you achieve your vision of connecting with your customers on WhatsApp.

    ⇨ Fulcro

    What it offers:

    • Go live in under 7 days
    • Ready suite of pre-built solutions
    • Pay as you go

    ⇨ WhatsHash

    What it offers:

    • Helps you semi-automate your business workflow
    • Create customer profiles, save media & messages, send personalized quick replies, run polls
    • Build your e-commerce store, create your business page, and a lot more!

    ⇨ Walocal

    What it offers:

    • Help businesses to reach their target customer
    • Helps generate more revenue

    ⇨ Infobip

    What it offers:

    • Offer better customer engagement
    • Long-term relationship with customers
    • Trust

    ⇨ Textlocal Logo

    What it offers:

    • Deploys end-to-end communication flow.
    • Superior customer experience
    • Reduced operational costs
    WhatsApp Business offers great opportunities for brands to increase their reach and visibility. So, get creative with your communication model and integrate this application into your business strategy to take your brand name to the next level.