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Importance of Safe Deposit Locker | AU Small Finance Bank

Why Do You Need a Safe Deposit Locker?

    Often many of us have a habit of storing our gold jewellery, valuables, etc., in home lockers or cupboards thinking that they are protected from unknown threats. However, storing expensive articles and documents at your home may not be a good decision. That is why choosing a safe Locker at the nearest branch of your trusted bank is the most convenient way to keep your valuables secure. Here’s why you need a Bank Locker to protect your precious belongings.


    What is a safe Deposit Locker?

    A safe Locker or a Bank Locker is used to keep important documents, valuables, gemstones, insurance policies, and sentimental keepsakes safe. Several banks and financial institutions offer Bank Locker services to secure your valuable things and even your confidential documents.

    For instance, AU Small Finance Bank provides AU Small Finance Bank Locker services to individuals as well as companies, clubs, and associations. We provide small, medium, and large size Bank Lockers depending on the convenience of the customers. 


    Important things you need to know about safe Deposit Lockers

    Below are some important things you need to know about safe Deposit Lockers:

    1. Bank Lockers are very safe:

    One of the most important Bank Locker benefits is that they are the safest place to store your valuables. The entry and exit points of the strong room housing the Lockers is tightly guarded by the security personnel and is under CCTV surveillance.


    2. You can choose the locker size as per your preference

    Your requirement of a Bank Locker can be different from someone else’s. Also, if you want to keep jewellery in the safe Locker, you’d need more space. And so, the banks allow you to choose the Locker of the size you want. The rent for different Locker sizes can differ.


    3. It is recommended for safe Deposit Lockers to have nominees

    You must add a nominee to your safe Locker. In the case of an unfortunate event of a premature demise of the Locker hirer, the nominee can access the Locker. All the valuables can only be claimed by the legal heirs of the lock hirer as per the law and safe Deposit Locker RBI guidelines. So, by having nominees to your Locker, you can financially secure your loved ones by allowing them access to valuable possessions.


    4. You need to have an account with the bank to open a Locker

    You must have a Savings or a Current Account with a bank to open a Locker. If you have an account with AU Small Finance Bank, you don’t need to provide any documents. In some cases, a bank may allow you to book an FD with a reinvestment option until you hold the Locker in the bank. The FD amount can be equal to the three-year Locker rent.



    • A safe Locker is surely a convenient way to store valuable items. 

    • You can open a Locker at your preferred bank’s branch that is close to your home or office and operate it whenever you want to. 

    • With a safe Locker, you can keep all your possessions secure at a reasonable charge.

    So, to ensure that your keepsakes are safe and preserve your financial documents for the future, you can avail AU Small Finance Bank Locker solution by visiting our AU Small Finance Bank official website or visiting our bank branch.



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