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Why Choose Consumer Finance?

    We all dream of capturing happy moments for life. But we know this is possible only if we have a good camera to store these moments forever. A good camera is not cheap. Isliye banks consumer finance provide karte hai, jisse aap apna man-pasand camera khareed sake.

    Aap apne personal needs ke liye AU Bank se consumer finance le sakte hai. It is available for a range of products and services like:


    Products covered:

    • Electronics (such as refrigerators and washing machines),
    • Computers, Laptops, and Accessories,
    • Mobile phones, Furniture,
    • Medical Services (Dental, Hair, Skin treatment etc),
    • Private Education and Learning Classes (Music Classes, Coaching classes),
    • Travel Services,
    • Medical Equipment,
    • Modular Kitchens

    So, consumer finance covers products that you need for a quality life. Iske alawa ek question hai - ki aapko consumer finance loan kyon choose karna chaiye? Here’s why:


    1. Pay low EMI:

    Generally, when we make such purchases, we use our credit cards. But with credit cards, you end up paying a higher EMI than with a consumer finance loan. Isliye consumer finance lene se aap EMI kam pay karte hai, because inki interest bahut kam hoti hai.



    2. On the spot application:

    With consumer finance, you do not have to face any difficulty because this is easily provided by banks. Aap online ya store store pe, product ya service khareed sakte hai on the spot with consumer finance in moments with only KYC details.



    3. Short term loan:

    Consumer finance is for short-term, so you will finish your EMI payments within a year. Isse apko zyada lambe time tak loan repayment ki tension nahi hogi.



    4. Builds your credit score:

    Considering consumer finance is paid easily and within the given time limit, you can build and improve your credit score. Ye credit score aapko future mein help karta hai taki aap aur loans easily le sake


    With Consumer Finance, your needs can be satisfied without extra financial stress. Toh jaldi se ab camera khareedke, life ke happy memories banana shuru karein!

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