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Why Virtual Assistants are Perfect Companions for Seniors

    Among the technological advancements of latest times, assistive technology has stood out from the rest since it has the most potential to improve seniors’ quality of life. Loaded with convenience, they make many daily chores for seniors easier and stress-free.
    Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are examples of assistive technology. Voice-activated assistants like Amazon’s Alexa have been around for a quite some time now. This device has received more upgrades over the past few years than your average consumer gadget. But if you are looking for an intellectual smart home speaker, then one powered by Google is a great alternative to the Amazon Echo range.
    To compete with Amazon's Alexa collection, Google has stepped up its game with smart speakers. Google Home devices – most of which are now Nest branded – are available in a range of sizes. They all have Google Assistant built-in – meaning they can carry out the same tasks, however, they come with different designs and specifications. As a result, you will need to determine where you can put them around your home, and for what purpose you can use them.
    Here are a few reasons why any of these Virtual Assistants are relevant for the older generation.
    • Easy Hands-free Control

    A Virtual Assistant device is a real boon for anyone with mobility issues, vision loss or reduced dexterity. It lets you pick calls easily without the need to place the phone on the ears. Since the device responds to straightforward, natural voice commands, it gives you the freedom to complete tasks you otherwise might have abandoned.
    • Basic Queries Answered Instantly

    You can ask your Virtual Assistant to browse the web for you. It eliminates the fuss of using the screen. Just send a voice command and the device will give you all the latest news, weather updates, sports scores, recipes, fashion trends, language translations, math equations and more, as per your voice request.
    • Set Reminders

    Virtual Assistants can set reminders. It can help you remember important tasks or events like birthdays, festivals and anniversaries. This device can also recall for you the place you told it you put your passport or keys. It can prompt you to take medication at the correct time and can help you pay your credit card and other monthly bills on time.
    • Stay Connected with Loved Ones

    Virtual Assistants work as a great speakerphone to chat with family and friends. The device can dial any number and is a lot simpler to use than many mobile phones! The Google Nest Hub also allows you to also enjoy video calls with long-distance relatives.
    • Get House Help

    Virtual Assistants can automate a lot of things around the house and it’s compatible with a lot of different brands and devices. For example, you can control, organize and manage compatible lights, cameras, TVs, doors and more, all from just one place. The device works like a remote. It saves time and the pain of unnecessary mobility amongst very senior people.
    • Access Audio Books/ Games

    Virtual Assistants also help you stay entertained. They let you access numerous books, jokes, games, music and more. If you are struggling with vision loss, you can listen to audiobooks and play numerous voice-guided games to keep your mind engaged.
    Overall, Virtual Assistants are a worthy pick. You can use them for entertainment, information or as a tool for being productive and learning new skills. They can really empower elders to live a lifestyle they have never been able to live before. Moreover, these devices are relatively affordable. You can have more than one if you live in a bigger house. Or else, you can start with one and see if you need another. Assistive technology will surely add an edge of luxury to your lifestyle.