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What is an Overdraft Facility in a Current Account?

    A Current Account's higher daily transaction limit makes it an ideal choice for businesses. But while Current Accounts come with several features to support the financial needs of business owners and entrepreneurs, one feature that deserves your attention is the "Overdraft Facility." 

    Let's look at what is an Overdraft and how it can help you tackle the financial challenges of running a business.


    What is an Overdraft Facility in a Current Account?

    The Overdraft Facility allows Current Account holders to withdraw money even when their account balance is zero. In many ways, using the Overdraft Facility is similar to taking a short-term loan from your bank. As a result, interest is levied on the amount borrowed through the Overdraft Facility. 

    As the bank fixes the Overdraft Limit for every Current Account, it can significantly vary between two account holders. Moreover, unlike a loan where the borrowers are required to repay the amount in EMIs over a fixed tenure, the Overdraft Facility is more flexible as it allows account holders to repay the amount as and when possible, in parts or in full. 


    What are the Types of Overdraft Facilities?

    To better understand what is Overdraft, it is essential to know the types of Overdraft facilities. Current Account Overdraft is of two types- Secured and Unsecured. 

    • Secured Overdraft Facility

    A Secured Overdraft is when you borrow an amount from your bank against collateral or asset. In India, most banks allow Current Account holders to use the Overdraft Facility against property, Fixed Deposit (FD), Insurance policy, and Equity. Original documents related to the collateral remain with the bank until the account holder repays the borrowed amount. 

    • Unsecured Overdraft Facility

    The Unsecured Overdraft Facility in a Current Account does not require any collateral. Depending on certain factors, the bank fixes an Overdraft Limit for the Current Account holders. Any time the account holders need instant access to additional funds, they can borrow it through the Overdraft Facility up to the pre-approved limit. 


    Features of Overdraft Facility at AU Small Finance Bank

    AU Small Finance Bank in India offers Vyapar Overdraft Facility to Regular Current Account and AU Power Current Account holders. Some of the highlights of the AU Vyapar Overdraft Facility are- 

    • Overdraft Limit based on 3-month business turnover and average balance maintained in the Current Account
    • Instant access to additional funds up to the pre-approved limit without complicated paperwork
    • Multiple digital channels, such as AU 0101 App, AU 0101 NetBanking, AU Video Banking, WhatsApp Banking, and more, for easy access to Vyapar Overdraft Facility.

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