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What Is Instant Savings Account | AU Small Finance Bank

What is an Instant Savings Account?

    Our increasingly digital lives abundantly revolve around everything 'instant’. From instant online shopping to instant virtual meetings and instant food delivery, digital technologies have paved the path for a high-speed world where a fast-paced life is the order of the day. 

    In this scenario, why should a Savings Account be left behind? Several banks offer an Instant Savings Account to keep up with the banking needs of digitally advanced customers. But what is Instant Savings Account? What benefits does it offer? Let’s take a look-


    About Instant Savings Account

    An Instant Savings Account is a type of Savings Account that customers can open online from the comfort of their homes. The Instant Savings Account comes with all the features of a Savings Account and the added flexibility of on-the-go banking. So, whether at home, office, or traveling, you can use your Instant Savings Account online for your everyday banking needs. 


    What are the Benefits of an Instant Savings Account?

    To better understand what an Instant Savings Account is, you should also know its top benefits. Take a look-

    • Instant Online Account Access

    The Instant Savings Account offers 24x7 secure and convenient online access to your bank account via AU 0101 App/ NetBanking.

    • Higher Savings Account Interest Rate

    AU Small Finance Bank offers higher interest rates on its Savings Accounts to help customers grow their savings. 

    • Zero Fee Fund Transfers

    Whether you transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS through online mode, you don’t have to worry about any transfer charges. Moreover, you can also complete Full KYC to enable the UPI facility. You can place the request for Full KYC using our AU Video Banking facility.

    • Virtual Debit Card

    Customers are also provided a Virtual RuPay Debit Card to carry out online transactions, eliminating the need to carry cash or a physical Debit Card. 

    • No Minimum Balance

    The AU ABHI Instant Savings Account has no minimum balance requirements. 

    • Apply for a Wide range of Products/Services:

    Using Mobile Banking App or NetBanking, you can apply for a wide range of products like Mutual Funds, Insurance, Lockers, Demat, etc. 


    How to Open Instant Savings Account?

    • AU Video Banking

    Customers can open an Instant Savings Account online using our AU Video Banking facility.

    • AU 0101 App

    Customers can also download AU 0101 App from iOS App Store/Android Play Store to complete the account opening procedure through their smartphones. 


    Eligibility for Instant Savings Account

    • Individuals 18 years or older can open Savings Account Online instantly with us by following the instructions listed above
    • You should not be an existing customer of AU Small Finance Bank

    Documents Required for Instant Savings Account

    Opening an Instant Savings Account at AU Small Finance Bank requires zero paperwork. You’ll only need your Aadhaar and PAN numbers to open the account online. Within 1 year of opening the account, you’ll have to complete Full KYC to keep the account active. 


    How to Apply for AU ABHI Instant Savings Account.

    Why visit the bank when you can instantly open AU ABHI Instant Savings Account with us right from the comfort of your home or office? Now that you know what Instant Account is, apply for the online account today to start exploring the extensive range of features & benefits offered by the largest Small Finance Bank in India. 



    1. Which Bank Gives More Interest on Savings Account?

    AU Small Finance Bank offers high Savings Account interest rates, making it a preferred choice for millions of people to grow their savings.  


    2. What is Instant Account?

    An Instant Bank Account is a type of Savings Account that you can open online without visiting the bank.


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