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FASTag: What is it, How it works, How to get it

    If you travel across states or a long stretch of a highway or an expressway, you are required to pay toll taxes at the toll plazas. Passing through the busy lanes of toll plazas is often a struggle due to the long queues, or people often search around for change to make toll payments. However, this experience has changed ever since the Government of India introduced FASTag.

    FASTag is a mandatory requirement for toll payment on Indian highways. It offers the convenience of cashless payment so that you do not have to stop at the toll plaza. Let's get to know what is it, how it works, how to apply for AU FASTag and how you can recharge your FASTag with AU Debit Card.


    What is FASTag?

    FASTag is a reusable tag that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to promote cashless payments of toll taxes. FASTag can be linked to your Savings Account or PrePaid Account. While your vehicle is in motion at the toll station, the stipulated amount gets deducted directly from the Account. This electronic toll payment system is part of the National Electronic Toll Collection or NETC initiative, rolled out by the NPCI under the guidelines of NHAI and IHMCL.


    How does FASTag Work?

    Once a four-wheeler vehicle owner applies for a FASTag, the tag needs to be affixed to the vehicle's windscreen. Here's how FASTag works:

    • To enable the FASTag facility, you must ensure that it is linked to your Savings Account or digital wallet and you are ready to take on the roads! You can also recharge the tag so that the amount is deducted from the FASTag account itself.
    • Since the tag is RFID-integrated, the FASTag scanner installed at the toll plaza scans the tag on the vehicle, and automatically the required amount gets deducted from the wallet or Bank Account.

    How to get FASTag?

    FASTag is vehicle specific. Once it is affixed to the windscreen of a vehicle, it cannot be transferred to another vehicle. If you haven't installed one yet, here's how to get FAStag from any of the NETC Member Banks like AU Small Finance Bank.

    Here's how existing and non-AU Small Finance Bank customers can apply for FASTag online:

    Step1: Visit

    Step 2: Select from the two options - AU Small Finance Bank customer / AU Small Finance Bank non-customer.

    Step3: Input your mobile no., vehicle registration no., and other personal details.

    Step 4: Upload the RC copy.

    Step 5: Generate and enter a one-time password (OTP) to submit.

    Step 6: Pay the fees, and your FASTag application is confirmed.

    The AU FASTag gets delivered to your registered address.


    Some of the benefits of FASTag:

    • Convenient, quick and easy to use.
    • No need to carry cash for toll transactions.
    • Save time and fuel as you breeze through the lane without waiting.
    • Easy to recharge FASTag online using a Debit Card, Credit Card, or any UPI app.
    • Real-time alerts via SMS or email for every toll transaction.

    How to use AU Debit Card to recharge FASTag?

    If you are using AU FASTag, here's how to recharge FASTag online via the FASTag customer portal using any AU Debit Card. Here’s how:

    • Login to our Customer Portal with the username and password sent to your registered mobile number.
    • Click on 'Reload'.
    • Select AU Debit Card.
    • Enter the recharge amount.
    • Click on 'Proceed' to complete your payment.

    You can also recharge FASTag online using AU 0101 App or AU Credit Cards.

    Now get your free* NETC FASTag with AU Small Finance Bank! Offer valid till May 31st, 2022.