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What is Adult Day Care? Services Provided by Adult Day Care Centres

    An adult day care centre is typically a non-residential facility that supports the health, nutritional, social, and daily living needs of an adult. These centres offer a caring and social environment to seniors. They offer family caregivers respite from caregiving duties while assuring that their loved ones are in a safe place.

    A well-run adult day care centre offers numerous services. Some of them are listed below:

    • Assistance with eating, taking medicines, toileting, and/or walking
    • Health monitoring (e.g., blood pressure, food, or liquid intake)
    • Therapy (occupational, physical, speech, etc.)
    • Exercise programs
    • Regular meals and snacks
    • Podiatry care
    • Counseling
    • Educational programs or mental stimulation
    • Social activities/ games
    • Transportation services

    Benefits of Adult Day Care Services

    • Adult day services ensure your loved one is receiving the quality care they deserve, while you go to work.
    • Services allow your loved one an opportunity to socialize. Offers the chance to build new friendships and enjoy peer support.
    • Offers a sense of indenpendence.
    • Promotes mental wellness and helps prevent or delay cognitive decline.
    • Boosts self-esteem and self confidence in elders.

    Finding a Centre

    Not all cities license and regulate adult day care centres. There may be a great deal of difference between individual centres and private centres; therefore, it is imperative that you explore and learn more about each centre – before you pick one.

    If possible, visit the centres closest to you, and talk with the staff and other family members that are already using the centres to determine whether the facilities meet your needs. You may also want to find out if your preferred centre is chargeable or free of cost.

    You can also ask some basic operational questions such as these:

    • Since how long has the centre been in operation?
    • What licenses, certifications, and accreditation does it have?
    • What's the ratio of staff and what kind of training do employees receive?
    • What are the operational hours? When is it open? etc

    When to Consider Adult Day Care?

    You may want to consider using adult day care when you:

    • Can no longer structure your own daily activities.
    • Feel isolated at home.
    • Experience anxiety or depression and need social and emotional support.
    • Can’t be left alone at home.
    • Live with someone who works outside the home or who is frequently away from home for other reasons.

    In all, these centres provide seniors the right atmosphere for a peaceful and stress-free living. With utmost love and detailed attention, they let seniors stay in a community with harmony and peace.

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