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Ways to Make this Festive Season Special

    Your location coupled with the pandemic may have you missing festive gatherings. But with simple ideas to make the best of the situation, you can add some magic to the celebrations.
    Not only are festivals a chance for us to fill our lives with fresh energy, they are also among the best times for celebrations and get-togethers. Yet, this year is a bit different. Amidst the new normal, not only are we forced to celebrate festivals indoors, but curbs on international travel have made it all the more difficult to reconnect with our land and loved ones. This means, we need to enjoy the festival indoors and come up with ways to make this year’s celebration with a bit more effort. Here are some ideas on doing that.

    1. Make your home look sparkling fresh

    • Clean out and decorate your house with diyas, candles, earthen lamps, rangolis and lanterns, so as to invite freshness and excitement into your life. Donate tableware, clothing, shoes and other ageing belongings and make someone happy. Bring in plants, flowers, colourful dupattas or just some fresh decor. Enhance the beauty of your surroundings to bring in the festive fervour.

    2. Dress like you would at a family party

    • Brighten up your festive mood by dressing up in the best outfits you have. Women can go all out with full makeup, hair and jewellery. Men can opt for kurta pyjamas, sherwanis, dhotis, or get innovative with fusion style outfits – that combine traditional and western wear.

    3. Skip patisseries and make your own laddus

    • Everyone has a memory of dessert-making during festivals – it automatically transports us back in time, begging our moms for one more laddu. This year, skip those fancy high-calorie snacks and sweets and replace them with healthy, home-made desserts made of ghee, jaggery, honey, etc. Pardes will definitely feel a lot like home.

    4. A celebration across the seven seas

    • Invite your friends and family to participate in virtual get-togethers via video calls. Want to take things even further? Organise a theme party!

    5. Video call not your thing? Play games online

    • Host games online, to get everyone in the festive spirit. Pick simple games so that everyone can participate. From antakshari and housie to word games and quizzes, there are ample games that you can choose from.

    6. Make memories with lots of photos

    • Click pictures and create personalized videos that you can post online. It will not only make the festive celebration fun and entertaining but will also create memories for a unique celebration that you can keep for many years to come.
    This festive season will be a unique one. However, there's no reason to tone down the celebrations altogether. With the above tips, celebrate your festivals to the fullest in the comfort of your home, and create meaningful moments for a lifetime.