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Virtual Meeting Etiquettes Every Professional Must Know

    Whether it’s a full-length web conference or a quick catch-up – following basic video meeting etiquettes is the best way to make a good virtual impression on others.In the post-COVID era, virtual meetings are the new way to connect and build business relationships; and yet, we are seeing glaring and sometimes hilarious instances of impropriety. In this article, we share the Virtual Meeting Etiquette and guidelines every team must know to really make work from home as professional as it was at work.
    • Dress appropriately
    It’s important to dress neatly and appropriately for a virtual meeting. Dress code has an impact on our attitudes and work ethic - it impacts not only how others perceive us, but also how we perceive ourselves.
    You can opt for simple business casuals – tops like a collared t-shirt or kurta for ladies is okay However, don’t assume that formal bottoms are optional.
    • Limit distractions
    Repeated interruptions affect concentration.  For this reason, ensure that you create an environment in which you can focus. Before you start, turn off the sound/ notifications on your mobile or laptop. Block all web pop-ups that take your attention away from web meetings.
    If you have too many family members in the house, look for a corner where you can attend the meeting peacefully. Also, ensure the room lightning is appropriate; with the background being a presentable space.  Also, try putting on headphones/earphones. It will help you concentrate better.
    • Mute your microphone when you are not talking
    If you are on a video call with multiple people, ensure you mute yourself when you are not talking. This way you won’t interrupt the members speaking on the other side. Moreover, it will eliminate the background noise that keeps popping up from all sorts of places.
    • Be a good listener
    During the meeting, make sure you are paying attention to whoever is speaking. Acknowledge the speaker with a nod or a smile. When you are listening, you are demonstrating respect for the speaker and the audience. Moreover, it shows that you are polished, courteous and genuinely interested in the call.
    Remember – one quality all successful business leaders have in common – “being a good listener”.  So, always be an active listener during a video call.
    • Avoid multi-tasking during the meeting
    Apart from general, work-related multitasking, eating, sleeping, reading books, personal grooming, etc is a strict “No” during a virtual meeting.  Having a glass of water on your work desk is acceptable. However, the otherwise unnecessary activities seem impolite and unprofessional.
    • Stay seated and make notes
    Make notes during the meeting. Ensure you have a good notebook and a pen/pencil with you. It is better to take notes in the old-fashioned way. It is a more natural way of putting down important points without getting distracted with things like where is that ‘K’ or ‘F3’ key, or why is the spell checker on the word document not working and so on.
    People form an opinion about you based on your body language, your appearance, your demeanor, your mannerisms, etc. Hence, it’s important that you follow some basic online etiquettes while facing the crowd. While the above tips sound simple; they’re worth following – especially if you are inviting important clients or business professional to online meetings and intend to put your best virtual foot forward.