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Video Banking for Senior Citizens

    Banking is a crucial aspect of every senior citizen's life. Like other customer-facing entities, banks and financial institutions need to ensure senior citizens' needs are catered to. To ensure that older people have easy access to banking facilities, we at AU Small Finance Bank offer a Video Banking solution.

    Now, get branch-like experience with Video Banking from AU Small Finance Bank. This facility is highly beneficial for the Seniors who cannot visit the branch due to health or any other issues. Let's get into more details.


    Senior Citizens & Technology

    Almost 70% of 65 plus-year-old citizens worldwide have exposure to the internet. If you are a senior citizen, exploring new technology can be a daunting experience initially. However, with proper guidance and training, you can learn quickly.

    The good news is more and more older adults like you are getting used to technology. Getting introduced to digital banking facilities like Video Banking can be helpful to you in many ways. If you want to open a savings account, transfer funds, or apply for a new product, you can easily do it with the help of AU Small Finance Bank's Video Banking solution. One can easily connect to Video Banking anytime, anywhere!


    How can seniors help themselves get used to Digital Banking

    Digital Banking may be tough to comprehend at the initial stage, however, you can seek assistance from someone in your family or community who knows on how to get started with online banking and learn how to perform various tasks. If you are struggling to access banking facilities, here are some of the simple ways to get started with it.

    • First, you register for online banking – either on a Mobile Banking App or using NetBanking services. You can start by checking your account balance online.
    • For seniors, one of the major concerns is the safety of online services, and online banking is a completely safe option. For instance, our Video Banking facility is secured with multiple checkpoints. It has high-end security features such as AI-based facial recognition, personalized security questions, and mobile number authentication through OTP, thus making it a suitable solution for you to connect with us anytime for your banking needs.
    • As a Senior Citizen, we also ensure that all this process doesn't take a toll on you. That's why AU Small Finance Bank customer service executives are available through a call to help you out with any Online Banking services.

    Video Banking for Senior Citizens

    If you have an account with us or want to apply for a new product/service, at AU Small Finance Bank, we provide the convenience for you to connect virtually & get a branch-like experience right from the comfort of your home. Like you Video Call your friends or family members, you can get in touch with us via Video Call. You can also schedule the call as per your availability and convenience.

    What's more? It is a completely safe and secure method. Our Video Banking facility relies on OTP-based mobile number verification, AI-based facial recognition, and personalized security questions. To hop on a video call with us, you just need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a proper camera and a stable internet connection.


    Age-Friendly Banking to become the Normal

    Age-friendly banking means banking products, services, and facilities that remain accessible and easy to use as people grow older. Several banks and financial institutions have introduced solutions to make digital banking more transparent and accessible to customers.

    AU Small Finance Bank's Video Banking or Video KYC for Seniors facility is also one initiative that provides a human touch to virtual banking. It helps make banking easier for customers by carrying out day-to-day banking activities online.


    Do and Don'ts of Mobile Banking for Senior Citizens

    • Never share NetBanking passwords or ATM PINs with anybody except your close family members.
    • Any online banking task should be done on a secure connection. It is not advisable to use open Wi-Fi networks as they are less reliable and unsafe.
    • Make sure you change the password from time to time. If you find it hard to remember, keep a note of it and keep it safe.
    • OTP-related frauds have been increasing during the pandemic period. Hence, sharing OTP or any confidential bank-related information is a strict no-no. No bank or their officials will ever ask for OTP.  
    • Avoid urgent money transfer requests you may receive on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network. These can be fake. Contact the person first and ask if the person genuinely requires the money.
    • Make sure the banking app you use is biometric and/, or OTP protected. For instance, the AU Video Banking facility is AI-based, and it verifies your registered mobile number with the help of an OTP.