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Types Of Debit Cards

    Did you know that a debit card has a lot more to offer than just ATM withdrawals and store purchases?

    You can get personal accident insurance, card liability coverage that protects you against fraudulent transactions in case of loss of a stolen card, and purchase protection that compensates you in case the product you bought was fake, duplicate or spurious. There are plenty of benefits a debit card can offer; but you should choose the right one to meet your unique needs.

    For many of us, a debit card is given by the bank against the savings account we have. But did you know, you can choose from different types of debit cards?

    Har card ke unique benefits hote hain. Some offer more shopping discounts or cashback, while others may offer benefits on travel or dining. Depending on your lifestyle and likes, you can choose a debit card that would suit you.

    If you’re looking for a debit card with great advantages, AU Small Finance Bank offers a variety of cards to choose from.

    RuPay Classic Debit Card

    This RuPay card gives you a daily cash withdrawal of Rs.10,000 and purchase limit of Rs.10,000. You can make ATM fund transfers of up to Rs.20,000 per day.

    • If you lose your debit card, you are covered for up to Rs.10,000 with Card Liability Cover.
    • You can also be assured of purchase protection for Rs.10,000.
    • AU Small Finance Bank also offers concierge services, cashback on IRCTC bookings, cashback on bill payments.

    RuPay Platinum Debit Card

    The RuPay Platinum card has all the benefits of the Classic card, but it allows you to withdraw and shop for Rs.20,000 each per day.

    • It also carries Rs.1 lakh personal accident cover.
    • Cardholders who have a Vidyaarthi account are entitled to Rs.25,000 additional education benefits.

    Visa Business Gold

    Visa Business Gold card caters to companies and businesses with exclusive offers from VISA. The card allows daily withdrawals and purchases up to Rs.1 lakh each. You can enjoy a daily ATM fund transfer limit of Rs.20,000, card liability cover of Rs.1 lakh, purchase protection of Rs.10,000, along with personal air accident cover and personal accident cover of Rs.1 lakh each.

    Visa Business Platinum

    This card gives you higher benefits than the Gold Card with an extended withdrawal and a purchase limit of Rs.2 lakh daily. While all benefits remain the same as the Visa Business Gold card, the card liability cover is up to Rs.2 lakh, personal air accident cover is increased to Rs.5 lakh, and personal accident cover to Rs.3 lakh.

    Visa Gold

    If you hold a Bachpan savings account, with this debit card you can withdraw Rs.5,000 and shop for Rs.5,000 daily. If you hold any other savings account, your limit is up to Rs.75,000.

    • The card brings you many benefits like card liability cover of Rs.75,000, and purchase protection of Rs.10,000.
    • You can also avail personal air accident and personal accident cover of Rs.1 lakh each.
    • Apart from all this, VISA has exclusive offers for their cardholders!

    Visa Platinum

    This card has great offerings for its holders! You can withdraw up to Rs.2 lakh and make purchases worth up to Rs.2 lakh every day. ATM fund transfers up to Rs.20,000 can be done daily.

    • The card carries purchase protection of Rs.10,000 and card liability cover of Rs.2 lakh.
    • Furthermore, you get Rs.5 lakh personal air accident cover and Rs.3 lakh personal accident cover.
    • You are also entitled to exclusive offers from VISA.

    When you bank with AU Small Finance Bank, you get an array of debit cards to choose from to suit your individual needs and get more value for your money!

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