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Top tips for maintaining used cars

    If you are looking at bargain buys, used cars often come across as value buys. While it is true that you get your own set of wheels at affordable rates, maintenance of pre-owned cars is a tricky business. Proper maintenance of a used car is as important as the new one and ensures a worry-free drive. This not only saves you the cost of bigger/greater damage later but also enhances the overall performance of the car. These simple steps are easy to follow and help you save on those incremental expenses involved with buying older cars. This is what helps you realise the true potential of a bargain-buy.

    Maintenance of batteries:

    You can easily extend the battery’s life by maintaining a regular check-up schedule. Make sure that you service the batteries according to a pre-decided routine. A visual check along with servicing will enhance and optimise the performance of the battery.

    Oil change:

    Changing the oil can be quite a chore but you will be surprised to know it is one of the easiest ways to enhance the performance of your car. Ideally, an engine oil change must be done at least twice a year, but it depends upon the running of the vehicle. You can cut down the cost of taking it to the service centre for changing it by doing it yourself. But, remember, avoid changing the oil when the engine is hot.

    Check tyre pressure:

    Studies indicate that low tyre pressure is often responsible for higher fuel consumption by the vehicle, as much as 4-5 percent. It also impacts the condition of the tyre and its longevity. Therefore, it is best to check the air pressure of your vehicle’s tyres every month and optimise the performance.

    Regular cleaning of air filter:

    It is important to clean the air filters once every year. Clogged air filters can lead to the deterioration of the engine performance. So make sure you schedule a cleanup of the filters for better engine performance.
    Remember proper maintenance of old cars cuts down incremental expenses for repair and also makes the engine more fuel efficient. Essentially, it is the easiest way to guarantee a smooth ride.
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