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Top 7 Reads on Profitable Franchising

    Looking to start your own business or planning to take up a franchise? These books will help you innovate and stay updated with the latest strategies to master the ins and outs of the business.
    Planning to be an entrepreneur? Are you in the beginning stages of selecting a franchise? Or are you simply looking to become more productive as a franchise owner? Written and rated highly by top business leaders – the books listed below will help you work wonders with your franchising business.

    1. Franchise Rules

    The Franchise Rules by Michael Martuza explores what it takes to become a successful franchise. It leads you in the correct direction towards deciding what type of franchise would be good for you. It proceeds then, by highlighting the challenges and opportunities related to franchising. A short, logical read, this book will not only help you get started with the right approach but will also help you save a lot of time and money.

    2. 101 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in A Franchise

    Want to be in business, but you can't make the right move? ‘101 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in a Franchise’ is your first step towards franchise confidence. Whether you are seeking information about financing your potential franchise or trying to understand how to begin your business – this book provides excellent explanations and best practice tips to follow.
    Written by franchising expert Dr. John P. Hayes, this book outlines the questions that you need to ask yourself, your potential business partners, professional advisors and franchisors before you get started. Simple and well written, this book is a real confidence-builder when pursuing a franchise concept.

    3. The Franchise MBA

    This comprehensively researched and deftly written franchise guide brings together experiences and facts to give you the tools you need to find out which franchise is right for you. Through this book, the author Nick Neonakis helps you understand and master the 4 critical steps to finding the ideal franchise:
    • 1. The Introspective Self
    • 2. The Franchisor
    • 3. The Franchisees
    • 4. The Legal and Financial aspect
    Informative and a fun read – this book has almost everything you need to know before you own a franchise. It can save you from many mishaps that can possibly hamper your entrepreneurship journey.

    4. The Educated Franchisee

    The Educated Franchisee serves as your guide for selecting a franchise that meets your needs! The book will show you how to find a franchise that is right for you; how owning a franchise can create wealth; where to find quality franchisors; what qualities do franchisors look for; how to gather information from franchisees; how to make sure the franchise makes money and the keys to success in owning a franchise.
    The author Rick Bisio has owned both franchised and non-franchised businesses; and through this book, Rick shares his secrets for success. If you are interested in franchising, it would be a good idea to read this book before getting into something that you may regret later on.

    5. Franchising Demystified: The Definitive Franchise Handbook

    This book is a must-read for anyone who's considering a franchise model business. Wayne Maillet clearly articulates the different key components of franchise ownership, complemented with real-life examples. The author unravels the misconceptions behind the business growth model and articulates the fundamentals of franchising in layman's terms. An easy read, this book is packed with lots of great advice. It’s an invaluable resource for all franchisors and those curious about taking the entrepreneurial leap!

    6. Brick & Mortar Franchise Success

    The author, Carolyn Miller has dedicated this book to all the brave entrepreneurs who wish to join the franchise segment. The purpose of the book is to take the guesswork out of the entire process so that franchisees know exactly what it takes to get their new location open in the least amount of time, for the best overall investment – and more important than anything else, without making costly mistakes in the process. The author explains every point clearly and concisely. An easy read, packed with vital information, this book is ideal for those looking to achieve success in franchising.

    7. Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy?

    If you are tired of the corporate world and want to escape the rat race, then let Mitchell York, a successful franchisee and professional certified coach guide you through the many steps involved in deciding whether or not to buy a franchise and how to get it right.
    Mitchell York discusses how owning a business can have a massive impact on your existing life and lifestyle. The book helps you determine if you have what it takes to succeed as a franchise owner, what to avoid when purchasing a franchise, and the possible ways to find capital to start up your venture. Mitch uses simple exercises to make his points and totally eliminates ‘book lethargy.’ Clear and crisp, the book forces you to reevaluate your strengths, weaknesses and goals.
    Every single book listed above is packed with vital and invaluable information for your next franchise business. Written in easy, conversational tones, reading these books will help you discover everything you need to know about franchising before you decide to take the leap.