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Top Tips for Investing in Your Next International Trip

    Throw a dart anywhere on the map. It’s possible to travel there with a little bit of patient planning. We show you how.
    The thought of a vacation brings a smile to your face. But, reality is that it requires a good deal of savings. However, you need not worry anymore! With some careful planning, you can achieve your travel goals easily. If you have the will to explore your dream destination, follow the steps given below and grow the money you need for your next trip.
    • Create a Dedicated Recurring Deposit Fund for Travel

    If you are confused about how to save money for your vacation every single month, automate your savings! The best way to do this is to set up a recurring deposit where your money is transferred automatically from your primary savings account on a periodic basis. Set an amount and date on which you want the money to be deducted automatically. This way, you will experience the magic of compounding and earn interest on your savings.
    Recurring deposit not only offers flexibility to customers in the choice of investment amount but also offers moderate and assured returns. Available in flexible tenure options, this investment tool helps channelize monthly savings for long or short-term corpus creation. With AU Bank NetBanking and Mobile Banking, you can create your own RD whenever you like!
    • Start a SIP in Low-risk Debt Mutual Funds to Save For These Vacations

    Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is another option through which you save money. It is one of the most effective ways of building corpus for that much-awaited vacation. You can easily automate your SIP investments. Just give a standing instruction to your bank and the selected amount will be debited to your SIP every month. Initially, you can start with a minimum amount. With time as your income increases, you can increase your SIP contribution towards your vacation fund.
    • Sign Up for Travel Membership Plan Programs

    Most travel agencies/clubs offer flexible membership options with a variety of plans to cater to the needs of a variety of travelers. Sign up for one such membership program.
    The best thing about travel membership is that they are not location-specific. You can change your location or alter it for a longer interval depending upon your holiday plan. Travel membership plans also offer a variety of travel perks as part of your loyalty program. They help you save on hotel stays, car rentals, entertainment, dining, shopping, and more. In short, the membership programs help make all your vacation dreams come true. It helps you enjoy your trip within a budget, you can afford.
    Don’t let cost hold you back from your dream holiday. Follow the above tips and you can seal your next travel deal without having to dip into your savings. Start planning your vacations now, so it gives you more time to plan and save.
    Did you know? You can now make all your travel bookings using your AU Mobile app.