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The Essential Monsoon Checklist for Seniors

    The monsoons are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. However, the pleasant shower outside can, in no time, turn into an unending downpour. So, before you realize, you will be trapped at home with limited access to the outside world.
    It’s best to be prepared with the following tips below in order to stay healthy and safe during this season.

    1.Gather Necessary Medications

    With heavy monsoon showers, there is a possibility of being stranded at home. So, if you are taking prescription medication – keep a check on your stock and refill them as soon as possible. In addition to that, also keep a first aid kit handy, just in case there’s a minor accident.

    2.Be Prepared For a Power Outage

    Lightning and thundering strikes can cause lines to cross and short out or break, thereby interrupting electricity. So, be prepared for outages by taking precautions and actions to minimize inconvenience and maximize safety. Protect sensitive electrical equipment by installing power protection devices that are easily available at department, hardware or electronics stores. You should also keep portable flashlights, extra batteries and candles handy for backup lighting.

    3.Make Your House Monsoon-Proof

    Before the onset of the monsoons, examine your house properly and get the cracks and leaks repaired immediately to avoid any kind of damage or loss. Take care of your furniture and install ventilators/de-humidifiers if possible to ensure a sanitary environment. You can also put camphor balls, neem leaves, or cloves in your room corners, cupboards and closets to protect your valuable items from dampness and moisture.

    4.Protect Yourself From Vector-borne Diseases

    Monsoon gives you a relief from the scorching heat but is also infamous for making way for increased risk of vector borne diseases, especially malaria.  Hence, avoid water stagnation and block unnecessary openings in the house. Keep mosquito repellent creams, lotions and nets handy to protect your body from mosquito bites. Keep food covered at all times and install rodent-proofing measures for plumbing.

    5.Maintain Hygiene

    The best way to keep diseases at bay is to practice good hygiene. Take a shower regularly and keep your clothes and belongings clean and sanitized. Store dried clothes in cupboards immediately to prevent mildew. Get ready to wash your curtains and bed sheets/spreads a bit more often.

    6.Gather Monsoon Essentials

    Arm yourself with the right equipment to combat the monsoons. Buy yourself proper footwear, rain-jacket, raincoat, umbrella, etc and stock up some extra towels and warm blankets, since the weather makes it difficult for fabrics to dry quickly. Also, make sure you have quick-drying doormats and baskets to keep your umbrellas handy near every entrance and exit.

    7.Eat Healthy and Drink Lots Of Water

    This season, avoid eating raw foods like leafy veggies, and pre-cut fruits during the rains, as they might have an accumulation of pests and germs on them. Even street food/junk food is a complete no-no during monsoons. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet this season. Try cooking more and stock your kitchen with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Store high-energy foods like dry fruits, nuts and seeds.
    Moreover, keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. Go for boiled/lukewarm drinking water and ditch cold drinking water completely. Even better if you add a few drops of lemon extract and honey to keep yourself hydrated. Home remedies like teas infused with pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and life-enriching spices like hing, methi, turmeric, will always come to the rescue.

    8.Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

    Stay at home and keep emergency or local authority numbers handy like the municipality, electricity department, ambulance and police. Remember: forewarned is always forearmed!