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Signs that your pre-owned car battery needs to be replaced

    Cranking up the engine and the car refusing to respond is essentially not a kind of morning that anyone of us likes waking up to. Especially if everything seems okay, except the battery. If you are driving a slightly older or a pre-owned car, it is a critical factor.
    On an average, a car battery functions well for 4 years but there could be varying timelines. With pre-owned cars, there are various factors that might lead to the battery weakening or expiring ahead of schedule.
    But the question is what are the tell-tale signs that give you an indication that the battery is weakening and needs urgent replacement.


    1. Is your engine cranking but fails to start?

    When the battery is slowing down and unable to retain charge, starting delays are the best giveaways. Often you will notice that the car is cranking up but not starting. This is decidedly because of the battery charge weakening or the battery becoming older. While you may be able to stall the problem by jump starting the car, it goes without saying that it needs attention. This mostly means that the battery is due for replacement.

    2. How often do you jump-start the car?

    Have you been jump starting your pre-owned car a lot recently? While there are many possibilities for which you may need to jump start a car but if you have to use it more than thrice a week, it sure signals a battery issue. The best option is to check the battery and get it replaced.

    3. Are the headlights looking dim?

     If the car’s headlights do not appear as bright as they were earlier, it is always a good idea to check the car battery. Recharging the battery might be a solution but that’s only for temporary use. The writing is on the wall – you need to change the car battery.

    4. Corrosion and foul odour

    A foul metallic odour and rusting of the parts around the battery also indicates that the battery is leaking and it’s time to replace it. It could leak for a variety of reasons like manufacturing defect to changes in climatic condition, but it surely becomes dangerous to run a car with a leaking battery. Best to head for the nearest shop to replace it.

    5. How old is your battery?

    Though a battery runs effectively for about 4 years, it is possible that sometimes in well maintained pre-owned cars it can exceed this timeline. But that does not mean you can be complacent. You need to keep checking the car battery at regular intervals and change as required.
    Timely replacement of the battery does not just save you hassles of last-minute delays but it also helps you maintain your pre-owned car in better shape. From concerns about corrosion extending to other parts of the car to being stranded in the middle of nowhere, good quality battery always helps you get better value from your old car. The best way to stay prepared is by looking for signs that the battery needs replacement.