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Safe & Secure Banking Tips |AU Small Finance Bank

5 Top Tips for Safe Banking

    To protect yourself from frauds and thefts, know these necessary Safe Banking Tips.

    Knowing, Understanding and Implementing safety measures is very important to protect yourself from frauds.

    With the advancement in technology, banking has become easier and convenient, so have frauds and thefts. Whether it’s cash in hand or cash in bank, protecting it is your responsibility too. Your safety is your responsibility.


    1. Internet banking

    • Remember to LOGOUT after using your computers or mobile devices at your office, home or any public place.
    • Do not share your passwords with anyone. Not even us.
    • Always maintain a Strong Password. Try using a combination of capital letters, special characters, and numbers like Afh!jk4098%nb^
    • It is advisable to change your password every 3 months.

    2. Mobile Banking

    • Do not use easy passwords like your date of birth, name, etc. We suggest an alphanumeric combination such as Bni174qy89.
    • For your convenience, always update your phone number with your bank to receive important SMS alerts and notifications.
    • Protect yourself by never storing your card details, passwords, user ID or login ID on your mobile phones.

    3. Phone Banking

    • Whenever you get a call from the bank, always ask for the reason and never share your personal details.
    • Never share personal details like MPin, Passwords, Account Balance or any important information with anyone.
    • Never go through any 3rd party authentication process for any of your banking needs.

    4. ATM

    • Destroy the ATM receipts in ATM booths only
    • Always check the ATM booth before withdrawing cash. If any doubt, inform the bank immediately.
    • For Lost or Damaged cards, please contact the bank immediately.
    • Always remember your ATM Pin and never note it down anywhere.

    5. Loans

    • Always ask for identity proof of the bank executive.
    • Always check your documents properly before giving it to the bank officer.
    • Always ensure money transactions are on the name of the bank and not the bank officer.
    • Use cheques, avoid cash transactions as much as possible.

    It is true, simplicity comes with clauses, the simpler it is the more you must be alert.

    Stay updated and Stay Safe.

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