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Most Desirable Gadgets of The Year 2020

    Every year more and more new gadgets are introduced in the market. However, it’s important to know which ones offer the value you need, so that you can get the bang for your buck. As we head towards the end of 2020, let's revisit some of the most desirable gadgets this year, and know why these stand out from the rest.
    • Apple Watch Series 6

    Approx. Price: Rs. 40,900
    Apple Watch Series 6 has truly been one of the best smartwatches of 2020. With this one wrapped around your wrist, you live a healthier, more active and a way more connected life.
    • It helps users detect the level of oxygen in the blood in just 15 seconds
    • The new sleep app helps you establish a regular bedtime routine and keeps track of your sleep trends night after night
    • The gadgets can also track your workout metrics more precisely than ever — no matter whether you are in the pool, at the gym, or out on the road
    • It has an ‘always-on’ display feature.  You can text, make calls and listen to music with ease. And with available cellular, you can do it all without your phone.
    In short, Apple Watch Series 6 is the ultimate device for a healthy lifestyle.
    • Apple AirPods Pro

    Approx. Price: Rs. 24,900
    This is the most demanded Apple product since it is the only in-ear headphones that offers Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound. With a customizable fit for all-day comfort, it blocks you out of the world so you that you can focus on what you are listening to.
    It also offers a transparency mode for hearing what’s happening around you. Moreover, the Wireless Charging Case delivers more than 24 hours of battery life and is compatible with Qi-certified chargers. With multiple other advanced features and refined details of comfort, this gadget offers magic like never before.
    • Sony Master Series A9F Smart TV

    Approx. Price: Rs. 3,09,999
    With electronics becoming more and more connected, SONY A9G has been one of the most demanded gadgets of 2020. Connect your home theater system and you will unleash an immersive cinematic experience. Powered by the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate, this TV brings you the excitement of movies and games in 4K HDR. It can play HDR content from various services, and handles a variety of HDR formats, including HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision. You can also use SONY A9F as a center speaker and hear dialogues, vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity. With BRAVIA's TV home screen, it's easy to find the content you want to watch. Simply sit back and ask your Google Assistant to find your favorites - you will get what you seek. You can even customize the home screen, and expand your experience with easy connection to other devices.
    • Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker

    Approx. Price: Rs. 3,499
    The new Echo smart speaker launched by Amazon has been a hit in the Indian market.The device comes with a compact 360-degree audio feature. With the help of the far-field voice recognition trait, it allows users to make the most of Alexas services from any part of the room. However, what makes the Echo Input Portable different from all the other Echo speakers is mainly the capacity of the built-in battery. The device promises 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.
    Google Nest, which is powered by Google Assistant, is almost as ubiquitous as Alexa when it comes to smart home integrations. But if you are just getting started in the smart home world and you don’t have any particular gadgets in mind, Echo Input Portable is a good choice to pick.
    • Moto Razr 5G

    Approx. Price: Rs. 1,24,999
    Moto Razr G5 is an ultra-premium flip design smartphone and arguably the hottest one to release this year. With narrow dimensions, an effortless zero-gap hinge and an ergonomically friendly fingerprint reader, Razr 5G is super simple to flip open and use with just one hand.  Get unstoppable performance with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G processor and keep apps running smoothly with a whopping 8 GB RAM. With Moto Razr G5 you can also capture sharper, more vibrant photos with the 48 MP main & selfie that uses OIS and Quad Pixel technology to deliver 4x better low light sensitivity.
    • Sony Alpha 7C Mirrorless Digital Camera

    Approx. Price: Rs. 167,990
    Sony Alpha 7C Mirrorless Digital Camera has been one of the best cameras of  2020. With powerful performance and extraordinary image quality, it lets you express yourself to the fullest. With a full-frame sensor it's possible to take shots and achieve impressive images that are unique to this format. The α7C's sensor is more than twice the size of the sensors found in APS-C cameras of similar body size and up to 30 times larger than a smartphone sensor, for stunning images with greater depth and detail. The α7C was fashioned to be compact, lightweight and portable without compromising genuine full-frame camera performance. This goal was accomplished by developing new mechanical components, such as a space-saving shutter and optical stabilisation unit, along with layout and structural enhancements. Truly an all-round performer, this camera is the one you need to take your photography game up a notch.
    • Noymi UV-C Light Sanitizing/Sterilizing Wand 

    Approx. Price: Rs. 1,499
    This has been yet another popular gadget in 2020 since it protects you against germs lurking on the objects you touch at home or outside. With the press of a button, a high-energy beam of UVC (ultraviolet C), light is emitted from the specialized LEDs. In just a 30-second blast, the wand can kill up to 99.9 % of germs. Portable and well-equipped with a safety lock switch, this eco-friendly alternative tool offers chemical-free sanitization and is one of the best tools to help you stay safe admidst the pandemic.

    The digital era has entrenched itself into our lives in 2020. With devices becoming so immersive, why not consider investing in a gadget that offers a ton of conveniences to take your hobbies and even your life, up a notch?