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Reason Why Seniors Should Review Their Medications Regularly

    Medication review is recommended for anyone who gets a repeat prescription for a long-term health condition. It’s particularly helpful for those with multiple health conditions and those having complex medicine regimes.

    In this section we’re going to take a closer look as to why they’re so important.

    • Prevent Dangerous Medication Interactions

    Perhaps the most prominent benefit of medication reviews is to catch potentially harmful drug interactions. When medications interact, they make certain drugs less effective or cause negative side effects. A thorough review decreases the likelihood of drug interactions. It will ensure all your prescriptions are working together to help you achieve the desired outcomes.
    • Helps Stay Informed

    A review can help you gain an improved knowledge of the medications you are taking. During the review, a health care expert will cover what your medicine is for, how long you need to take it, and any other special instructions. As a result, you will experience increased skills and confidence in using their medication.

    • Opportunity to Discuss Health Changes

    Medication reviews give you the opportunity to discuss your health changes with your doctor. It can potentially help you identify the early symptoms of any new health issue. It lessens the risk and helps you and your doctor take immediate action, well in advance.

    • Helps Follow a Medication Plan

    A medication review can help you organize a system that’s easier to follow. It can help you keep tabs on medications that are being prescribed by different specialists. It's also one of the best ways to cut down on medication mistakes.

    • Lower HealthCare Costs

    With a medication review, you can keep an eye on your prescription expenses and possibly discover ways to save. For example, you can ask your provider about switching to a generic or a less-expensive medication, if at all it works for your health condition.

    • Throw Out Unnecessary Prescriptions

    A medication review can help determine whether you still need them. Research shows that stopping unnecessary, inappropriate, or potentially harmful drugs is a promising way to prolong life, without increasing any significant risk in long term.

    Remember, you can get a medication review done by a suitably qualified nurse, doctor, or pharmacist.  Together, they can work on a plan to meet your health and wellness goals. However, ensure you tell the healthcare specialist about everything you take. Even better, bring the medicines with you for the review – it will make the professional’s job much simpler and easier.

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