Planning for Festive Seasonal Demand for Pre-Owned Cars | AU Small Finance Bank
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How are you planning to address the festive demand?

    In conversation with Mr. Deepak Punjabi, Owner - Navin Motors, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    What do you think are the key triggers that are accounting for the spike in used car sales at the moment?

    Covid-19 and the need for social distancing is a key trigger as increasingly you see people avoiding public transport. That apart the delivery of new car sales have been delayed due to chip shortage and pre-owned cars are then the obvious choice.

    How are you planning to address the festive demand?

    We are ramping up inventory, creating pull by generating leads and trying to procure as many vehicles as possible. Procurement is going on even now as we speak. We are expecting brisk demand through this festive season. We are expecting 25-30 percent spike in sales through this festive season.

    What special offers and discount deals are on the anvil?

     There are no special offers as such. But in general, we will be offering the best possible deals to our customers and make it a value buy for them.

    What is your outlook for the used car sales for entire FY2022 and the Q3 of FY2022?

    We see the used car market going up further, both in terms of demand and sales. In terms of prices of used cars too, we see upwards movement going forward.