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Organise Your Finances To Save For Future | AU Small Finance Bank

Organize Your Finances to Save for Future

    Everyone encounters monetary difficulties at some point in their lives. But if you’re on a sticky financial wicket more frequently than you’d like to admit, maybe it’s time to build better habits to organize your finances.

    If you’ve made up your mind to bid goodbye to your financial problems, here are 5 handy tips that can take you in the right direction.


    Tips to Organise Finances for Future

    • 1. Plan your financial goals

    A journey without a destination is no journey at all. If you want to live a financially organized life, plan financial goals and stick to them. Break down bigger goals into smaller weekly, monthly, and yearly milestones that can work as markers throughout the journey.

    For instance, if you want to purchase a new car in 3 years, you can break it down into saving a fixed amount every month. Always remember that smaller steps and changes can make considerable differences in the long run.

    • 2. Spend Responsibly

    The growing FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect is abundantly responsible for people splurging on things like the latest gadgets, fancy meals, and exotic vacations. You work hard for your money and spending it on yourself every now and then is completely alright. But never lose sight of your financial planning goals and objectives while doing so.

    Before spending, always think about how it’ll impact your savings and whether you actually need to incur that expense.

    • 3. Set Aside Your Savings in a Savings Account

    Your savings will grow once you start spending responsibly. You can look for the highest interest rate Savings Account to deposit your savings and generate additional income. For instance, AU Small Finance Bank offers wide range of accounts to choose from with high interest rate.

    The bank also offers a Monthly Interest Payout option with extensive benefits, including Online Account Opening, AU Video Banking, WhatsApp Banking, and more, to make everyday banking more convenient and hassle-free.

    • 4. Choose the Right Investments

    As you’re just starting to organize your finances, it’d be wise to stick with non-market-linked investments. Fixed Deposit (FD) has long been a staple investment option in India. It allows you to invest a lump sum amount for a fixed tenure to generate risk-free returns.

    With AU Small Finance Bank, you can open an FD Account online and choose between monthly, quarterly, and annual interest payouts. In addition, the bank allows you to book an FD with as little as INR 1,000 for tenures ranging from 7 days to 10 years.

    • 5. Use Your Credit Card Wisely

    A Credit Card can be an excellent financial tool if used wisely. Avoid using your Credit Cards for impulsive purchases that only offer short-term gratification. Try to clear the outstanding Credit Card balance in full every month and be wary of Credit and Debit Card limits to avoid going overboard.

    If you’re looking for a new Credit Card, AU Small Finance Bank offers a range of uniquely curated Credit Cards with a wide array of benefits, including Welcome & Milestone Bonus, Cashback, Accelerated Reward Points, Lifestyle Benefits, and more.


    Take Control of Your Finances with AU Small Finance Bank

    Follow the tips discussed above to move towards a more financially organized life where you can save more, spend less, and achieve your objectives. Whether you’re looking for a Savings Account, Fixed Deposit, Credit Card, or Retail Loan, AU Small Finance Bank is a one-stop destination for all your banking needs.


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