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Most Expensive Dishes Served in India

    If pleasing your taste buds with the most expensive dish is your hobby, then you are at the right place!

    Here in this section, we have curated a list of exorbitantly priced dishes served across the country. Delectable and distinct from the rest, these dishes can make every foodie go crazy.

    • Gold Plated Dosa - Rajbhog, Bengaluru

    Rajbhog, Bengaluru serves this ‘sone ka dosa’ with 24K golden vark. Served on a silver platter along with a tumbler of coconut water, this majestic dish gives you a royal feel. Tasty and crispy, this dosa is made with olive oil with mashed potatoes filling, topped with edible gold foil. The dosa is ISO-certified.

    Cost: Rs 1100 per plate (approx.)

    • Pizza - Qube, The Leela Palace, Delhi

    The Qube at Leela Palace serves one of the most expensive pizzas. Featuring globally sourced ingredients, the High Life pizza is topped with an expensive lobster, an ounce of caviar, thyme-scented mascarpone, Grey Goose Vodka chaser (to enhance the taste), and truffle oil.

    Cost: Rs 10,000 (approx.)

    • Peking Duck - CHI NI, New Delhi

    Peking is a delicacy from Beijing, which has been in existence since it was cooked in Imperial courts during the Ming Dynasty. This dish requires considerable culinary skills.

    Chi Ni located at The Roseate in New Delhi takes pride in serving this marvelous dish. An assortment of various textures and irresistible flavors - this dish is a palatable adventure for the taste buds.

    Cost: Rs 5,200 (approx.)

    • Angus T-bone Steak, Le Cirque at The Leela Palace, New Delhi

    Le Cirque at The Leela Palace is led by Italian restaurateur Sirio Maccioni. One of his signature dishes—the Bistecca ‘Alla Fiorentina’ aka grilled Angus T-bone steak— is served with creamed spinach, potatoes, and black pepper. Packed with flavor, this dish is totally divine.

    Cost: 8,500 (approx.)

    • Lamb, Vetro – Oberoi, Mumbai

    The dish that the restaurant Vetro serves up for its patrons in Mumbai is tempting to say the least. The major ingredient, New Zealand rack of lamb, is one of the most expensive ingredients imported by India for its elite connoisseurs. Other dishes on the menu are similarly priced.

    Cost: Rs 4000 (approx.)

    • Grilled Pork Chop - Yuuka, St.Regis, Palladium, Mumbai

    The Japanese restaurant at The St. Regis, Mumbai is run by renowned Chef Ting Yen. This fine-dining restaurant serves a range of scrumptious Asian-inspired dishes. Their highly recommended grilled pork chop is a must-try.

    Cost: Rs.2250 (approx.)

    • Butter Chicken - Anaarkali, Hyderabad

    The butter chicken made by Anaarkali, Hyderabad- is quite popular in the city. Anaarkali uses a cup of Evian Natural Springwater, Fillipo Berrio Olive oil, and a pack of Lurpak unsalted butter to make the gourmet butter chicken portion. It is then garnished with black olives and coriander, with specks of edible gold and silver. This tempting chicken dish is served fresh and hot in a borosil glass container.

    Cost: Rs 6000 (approx.)

    All the above dishes showcase royalty and grandeur! Filled with flavor and aroma, there’s something unique that makes these dishes so precious. Although expensive dining may not be a part of your daily routine, experiencing it or relishing it once in a while can give you the culinary experience of a lifetime.