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Monthly Interest Payout On Savings Account | AU Small Finance Bank

Monthly Interest Payout on Savings Account

    The most common type of account that one opens at the start of their banking journey is a Savings Account. The idea behind opening a Savings Account is to save a portion of your earnings and inculcate the habit of savings. Generally, we all use a part of our monthly earnings for paying our regular bills, EMIs, etc., and save the other part. But there are months when our expenses may cross the usual limit, thus burdening our savings or investments.

    We, at AU Small Finance Bank, offer the higher interest rate on Savings Accounts with a Monthly Interest Payout option. This uniquely designed Savings Account caters to all your financial needs while taking care of your wealth.


    Features of AU Savings Account:

    • High interest rate
    • Helps manage cash flow better with Monthly Interest Payout option
    • Opening an account, availing various banking services and more can be done at your convenience with our Video Banking facility
    • Access your account and enjoy various banking services 24*7 through AU 0101 App/NetBanking

    How Savings Account Interest Rates are Calculated:

    As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, the Savings Account Interest Rates are calculated daily, and the accumulated interest is transferred to your account on a half-yearly or annual basis. However, with our Savings Account, the interest is calculated basis 30 days and credited to your account monthly.


    AU Small Finance Bank’s Monthly Interest on Savings Account Formula:

    Accumulated Interest = (Daily Balance) * (Number of days) * Interest / (No. of days in the year)


    What is a Monthly Interest Payout?

    A Monthly Interest Payout is the amount that gets credited into your account at the end of every month. This is a common feature of Fixed Deposits. The Monthly Interest Payout option on Savings Account makes it easier to deal with your expenses and provides you an opportunity to grow your savings. The amount is calculated basis your account balance and the bank's interest rate on your balance. And to make your banking experience even better, AU Small Finance Bank's flagship Savings Account offers Monthly Interest Payout with the best Interest Rates.


    Benefits of AU Savings Account:

    We provide a superior banking experience with high interest on our Savings Account. You can avail the following benefits:

    • Visa Gold Debit Card with 1000+ offers, insurance coverage, and discounts across leading brands
    • You can check your account balance anytime, anywhere with AU 0101 App
    • Paperless banking eliminates the need for a deposit slip
    • Doorstep banking with cash and cheque picks-ups
    • Wide range of other products such as Mutual Funds, Lockers, Insurance, etc. can be availed

    You can open an AU Savings Account with Monthly Interest Payout options if you are a resident of India, have reached 18 years of age, and have the necessary KYC documents issued by the Government of India.


    The documents required are:

    • Identity proof: Aadhaar Card, Telephone Bill, Passport
    • Address proof: Aadhar Card, Passport, etc.
    • Duly filled application form
    • Recent passport size photograph

    You can either open the account by visiting our branch or connect with our representatives through AU Video Banking facility. Remember to keep your Aadhaar Card and Pan Card handy. There should be internet connectivity on your mobile or laptop. To make the Video Banking experience seamless, try having good speakers that are well connected to your device and a well-lit room. Also, keep a white paper & pen handy for your signature.


    Here is how you can open your AU Saving Account:

    You need to visit

    • Select product - Savings Account from the drop-down menu
    • Enter your mobile number
    • Click on verify mobile number
    • An OTP would be sent to your mobile number, and the video banker would schedule a call for you at your convenient time

    Video Banking with AU Small Finance Bank is as easy as talking to your friends and family and completely safe with AI-based facial recognition and personalized security questions. Schedule your Video Banking session with AU Small Finance Bank at your own convenience to open a Savings Account and enjoy the benefits of Monthly Interest Payouts with high-interest rates.

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