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Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Banking

    Mobile banking makes banking very convenient. Before giving it a try, read these tips; so you can start banking safely using your mobile phone.


    • You should password protect the mobile phone. It is recommended to set the maximum number of incorrect password submissions at three or below
    • Choose a strong password to keep your account and data safe.
    • Change your IPIN regularly.
    • Report a lost or stolen phone immediately to your service provider and law enforcement authorities.


    • Never give your PIN or confidential information over the phone or internet. Never share these details with anyone
    • Don't transfer funds without due validation of the recipient, as funds once transferred cannot be reversed.
    • Don't store sensitive information such as credit card details, mobile banking password and user ID in a separate folder on your phone.
    • Don’t forget to inform the bank about changes in your mobile number to ensure that SMS notifications are not sent to someone else.
    • Never reveal or write down PINs or retain any email or paper communication from the bank with regard to the PIN or password.
    • Be cautious while accepting offers such as caller tunes or dialer tunes or open/download emails or attachments from known or unknown sources.
    • Be cautious while using bluetooth in public places, as someone may access your confidential data/information.
    • Your password should be complex and difficult for others to guess. Use letters, numbers and special characters [such as !,@, #,$, %, ^, &,* (, )] in your passwords.
    • Do not use passwords that are obvious, like your name/nickname, names of your family members, your address, phone number, or any other information that a thief might find in your purse or wallet.
    • Change your Internet Banking password regularly.
    • If you have more than one Internet Banking user ID, use a different password for each of them.
    • If you access any website (including AU SF Bank’s website) from a cyber-cafe, any shared computer or a computer other than your own, change your passwords after such use in your own computer at your workplace or at home.
    • Never share your passwords with others, including family members.
    • Do not disclose your Internet Banking password to anybody, not even to an AU Small finance Bank employee.
    • Do not write down or save internet banking password in notepads or personal devices.
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