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Managing Children and their Needs During Lockdown

    The lockdown has thrown up new challenges for the parent-child relationship. Read on to know how to keep them engaged and emotionally comfortable.
    The biggest challenge for parents during the lockdown is to manage children and their 24x7 demands. Since there is no going out to restaurants, parks, movie theatres, etc parents have to now take an extra effort to keep them engaged, happy and satisfied. Parenting has become tougher and parents need to find new hacks and fixes to deal with the situation better.
    Have a read below and find out how to manage your kids during the COVID-19 lockdown.

    Create a Positive Mindset

    Along with elders, kids too are getting irritated of being locked inside their homes. Children might find it difficult to understand what they are seeing and hearing.  As a result, they can be particularly vulnerable to feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness. However, by having a healthy, open discussion with your children, you can help them understand and cope with the situation better. You can tell them how to protect themselves and their friends and reassure them that following the basic safety rules will help keep everyone safe.
    But if your kids are too young, you may need not raise the issue. Instead just take the opportunity to instill good hygiene practices in them - without introducing new fears.

    Support Your Child’s Academic Needs

    Amidst this lockdown, most schools have started moving towards online modes of education. Schools are not only scheduling online lectures but are also assigning various home-based activities for different grades.
    If your kid is one of them, ensure you lend support. As a parent help your child in setting up a study space to help him/her focus and study better. Gather essential supplies and materials and make sure you turn away all the distractions like loud music, playing gadgets, mobile, etc. Before your kid’s online class begins, sit down with him/her, and look through what they need to do on a daily or weekly basis. And if working on your laptop is inevitable, ensure you set up a designated time where you can assist your child with their regular homework/studies.

    Engage Your Child in Enjoyable Games and Activities

    When going outside isn’t an option - getting creative is a great way to fill the hours. So consider setting up a creative space for your kid with all the required essentials and engage him/her in doing something resourceful and fun like building blocks, painting, cooking, dancing, learning music, etc.  These activities will not only fill their idle time but will also help them grow artistically.
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    Spend Quality Time with Your Kids – Make Memories to Last a Lifetime

    We have all cribbed about the lack of quality time with our kids. So, why not make the most of these days? Believe it or not, we will miss family time the most when it's all over.  So, make kids time a ritual.
    Spend some quality time with kids each day. Cuddle up, tell stories and play with them. By doing this, kids will not crave much for your company and will happily play later on.  You can also include your spouse and other family members to spend some time with the kids. Family time does offer a healthy dose of positivity to the kid’s well-being.
    Time is a very neutral commodity, so how we use that time is the goal that we have to set. Also remember that your kids do not have to learn a moral lesson each time they are at home with you. Let your kids have fun and do not snatch away the charm of their early days. Yes, child-care means longer days, longer working hours and scattered household duties. , having kids around is a blessing in gloomy times!
    Stay positive, stay productive and stay proactive!
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