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Making Cardless Payments through Internet Banking

    First came cash, then came cards. Now there’s net banking that isn’t dependent on either of them. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with advancing technology, here we bring for you all the details you need to know about cardless payments using internet banking (or net banking).

    What is cardless payment?

    You can directly make payments or withdraw cash from an ATM without your card. To use internet banking, you need to contact your bank.

    • At the bank branch - Register for internet banking with your bank. Some banks require you to request for the facility by visiting the branch and filling up an application form.
    • Online - Some banks allow you to generate your user ID and PIN online.
    • Customer care - If your bank allows, you can call the customer care and ask them to activate the net banking facility for you.

    How can I carry out cardless transactions using net banking?

    An online account requires a user ID and password. Once you have this, you are all set to transact without a debit card. Remember that net banking uses the funds in your Savings Account funds in your Savings Account. This does not work with credit cards.

    Here’s how you can use net banking to shop or withdraw money without your card:

    Shopping online

    Shopping online has never been easier. To use net banking to pay for online purchases, you can follow these steps:

    • Once you have added products to your cart, you can checkout
    • When prompted for your choice of payment mode, choose ‘net banking’. You need to choose the bank with which you hold a Savings Account
    • You will then be redirected to the bank’s secure page. Here, you can enter your user ID and password.
    • You will be logged into your account and can view your balance amount and the amount that needs to be paid to the merchant
    • Once you confirm the transaction, the amount will be deducted from your Savings Account balance and credited to the merchant.

    Shopping at merchant stores

    If you’re shopping at a store and have left your wallet at home, what do you do? We no longer have to leave behind your purchases and go home empty-handed. Nowadays, there are many payment apps available online. You can use your own bank’s app to make the payment, provided the merchant accepts it. These allow you to directly debit your account to pay for a purchase.

    It’s that simple! You can use these apps to pay just about anyone who has also registered for the same service.

    Sending money to friends and family

    You can also use net banking to send money to your friends and family. You need to login to your online account either through the mobile app or net banking. You can then set up IMPS, NEFT or RTGS transfers and send the funds across.

    Life has become so much easier with net banking! Banking online is safe and secure. Just make sure you never share your information with anyone else! You don’t have to worry anymore about carrying cash or cards. As long as you remember your user ID and password, you can transact anywhere any time!

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