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Love music? Make a date with your favourite instrument!

    Picking up a musical instrument is the perfect way to stay engaged. Not only does it give you an opportunity to learn something new, it also gives you a chance to live life doing what you love.
    Learning a musical instrument is all about living your passions. Even if you didn’t have the chance to learn music as a child, pursuing this lifelong goal in adulthood can be infinitely rewarding. What’s more? Your aging brain will thank you for taking up music lessons. Studies show that learning to play an instrument can:
    • Bring significant improvements in your brain (It improves intellectual, perceptual, and cognitive skills)
    • Help you cope up with stress, insomnia, and depression
    • Improve your confidence in other areas of life
    • Provide a sense of achievement
    Learning an instrument in adulthood can seem daunting; however, there is no reason why you should deprive your love for learning music with these simple tips to get you get started.

    1. Choose the right instrument

    The first step is to choose the kind/type of instrument you would like to play. If you are not sure where to start, here are some questions to ask yourself before you pick one.
    • What kind of music do you like?
    • In what sort of situations do you see yourself playing?
    • What sort of practice space do you have?
    • Do you have any physical limitations?
    • How much can you invest in the hobby?
    Once you have an answer to the above questions, pick something you are comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong with getting a beginner’s model to start yourself off. If you have been thinking about buying a musical instrument, have a look at the music stores in your city. You can also search for your favorite instrument online. Many online stores have a huge selection of guitars, keyboards, drums, home recording equipment, flutes and more. Simply narrow down your search based on your requirement and take your pick. You can also look for instruments online at www.amazon.in, www.flipkart.com, www.furtadosonline.com and www.bajaao.com.

    2. Study music history / theory

    Studying some music theory and music history can help you contextualize the pieces you are learning. Music theory will help you make sense of the melodies and chords in your piece. It will not only give you an overview of the main elements of music, but will also help you get that solid foundation. Overall, it will help you learn and appreciate the instrument better.

    3. Find tutorials or find a mentor online

    If you are a newbie, then a relevant online tutorial video channel or a musical app would be able to provide you the basic learning skills. A great mentor can help you make significant strides in your musical path if you are pursuing music as a passion.

    4. Record yourself and listen to your recording

    Another great tip for practicing or learning is to record yourself. Recording yourself and listening back will let you understand how well or badly you play the instrument. You can then go back and focus on the right areas of correction in your practice sessions.

    5. Practice by playing for others

    Prepare a list of all the songs that you have picked up. Slice up the song into small sections and practice each of them in front of others. The feedback you receive will help you understand your flaws. Accepting inconsistencies and imperfections is an important part of learning. So, learn through your mistakes.
    Moreover, by playing in front of others, you will be able to gain confidence in your learning. It will make you feel comfortable and motivated throughout the learning process.

    6. Have patience

    Learning something new takes time; so have patience. Don’t get frustrated or disappointed if you aren’t able to pick up melodies perfectly in a short period of time. When you feel discouraged, take a break; but do try again later. Remember – even the most famous musicians have spent years honing their skills. So, relax and embrace your musical journey.
    Remember it’s never too late to learn something new. It's okay and absolutely possible to learn and play into late adulthood. Not only will your family and friends enjoy your new skill, but it will also make you feel proud of yourself. No matter what the outcome; choosing music will surely bring you new purpose in life.