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Buy Electroinc appliances on EMI Good or Bad | AU Small Finance Bank

Is Buying Electronic Items on EMI Good or Bad?

    Aaj kal har ek insaan ke pass mobile ya laptop paya jata hai. And everybody is in a race to upgrade the models of their electronic items. We need money to upgrade our gizmos, and if your pocket does not hold the amount required, then what do you do? Well, the good news is banks can give you a helping hand here, by providing Consumer Finance. It’s great to buy electronic items on Consumer Finance because of the following reasons:


    Reason 1:

    You do not need to arrange for the whole amount at once. Apko sirf product ke price ka kuch percent down payment me deni hoti hai.



    Reason 2:

    You receive the product instantly, despite not paying the full amount.



    Reason 3:

    If you repay the loan EMIs on time, aap apna Credit score bhi improve karte hai. This will benefit you in the future.



    Reason 4:

    It is a short term loan, so you do not have to keep paying EMIs for a long time.



    Reason 5:

    Pay for the product in easy instalment without putting burden on your monthly cashflow.



    Reason 6:

    In most cases, a minimal set of documents are required for KYC.


    But, despite these reasons there are certain areas you need to pay special attention to. You should calculate EMIs on your desired loans well in advance. Isse apko ek idea lag jata hai ki apko kitna pay karna hai product khareedne ke liye. Make sure to pay your EMIs on time otherwise this can attract additional costs. Iske alawa aapka credit score bhi kam hone lagta hai. So, analyze your options and go for consumer finance, because in conclusion, buying electronic items on EMI is good!

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