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India's 1st Customisable Credit Card - LIT by AU Small Finance Bank

    Typically, several banks offer Credit Cards with pre-defined features in various categories. Customers struggle while selecting a Credit Card which compels them to apply for multiple Credit Cards for multiple purposes. To address the gaps in consumer expectations, we, at AU Small Finance Bank launched AU LIT (Live It Today) Credit Card, which is India's first customisable Credit Card. With this, the bank gives customers the power to select/modify the Credit Card’s feature as per their needs. This is a lifetime free Credit Card.


    Types of Credit Cards

    AU Small Finance Bank offers various types of Credit Cards for all segments of customers:


    Customization of Credit Cards

    While many banks offer the option to customize the design and look of a Credit Card. AU Small Finance Bank is the first to offer flexibility to add features to the card as per one's preferences. Whether you want to change or select the card's features at any given point, you can personalise it without hassle. AU LIT Credit Card is the latest entrant in the Credit Cards range, which lets you select the card features just the way you like.

    Here's how simple it is to customize your LIT Credit Card:
    • Download the AU 0101 App to start customizing your AU LIT Credit Card
    • Go to Credit Card Homepage and select 'Manage Credit Card' to get a view of the available features
    • Go through the pricing of each feature & add the ones that fit your budget & lifestyle needs.
    • Switch the card features ‘on’ or ‘off’ as your needs change.
    • Track your Cashbacks & Rewards from existing active features.

    Lifetime Free Credit Card by AU Small Finance Bank

    AU LIT Credit Card is a lifetime free Credit Card for which you don't need to pay any joining fee or renewal fee. The card offers long-term value along with attractive advantages.


    Features of AU LIT Credit Card

    Shoppers’ Rewards - Earn 5x/10x Rewards Points

    Every rupee you save adds up!

    • Earn 10X or 5X Reward Points on all POS and Contactless domestic & international transactions

    • Earn 10X or 5X Reward Points on all Online domestic & international retail transactions

    Shop Till You Drop - Milestone Cashback

    ‘Add-to cart’ and ‘check-out’ – because it’s time to move ahead with your wish lists!

    • Avail an extra 5% Cashback on retail spends along with 1 Reward Point per INR 100 transaction

    • Earn an additional 2% Cashback on retail transactions and 1 Reward Point per INR 100 transaction.

    Do More Everyday - Category Cashback

    When it comes to your daily expenses, you can spend more to save more.

    • Avail an extra 5% Cashback on dining, travel & grocery expenses in addition to 1 Reward Point per INR 100 transaction.
    • Ability to earn maximum Cashback of INR 1,000 every 30 days

    Travellers’ Comfort - Airport Lounge Access:

    Hate long waits at airports? Indulge in the comfort of Airport Lounges across India

    • Get up to 4 complimentary visits per quarter at the airport. 


    Fun & Fitness - Memberships

    Now you’ll never have a dull moment!

    You are eligible for 3 Months of Free Membership of:
    • ZEE5
    • Amazon Prime

    Eligibility for AU LIT Credit Card

    To apply for AU LIT Credit Card, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • You should be a resident of India 
    • You need to be between the age of 21-60 years
    • If you wish to have an add-on cardholder, the age should be above 18 years

    Based on the above eligibility conditions, we have the right to approve or decline your Credit Card application.


    Here's how you can apply for the LIT Credit Card:

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