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Indian Royal Families Who Are Still Living a Luxurious Life

    India has been a land of several Nawabs and Maharajas. While monarchy no longer exists in India, there are a few royal families who still live a life of heritage and luxury.  These families still garner the same respect from people, they’re famous and are still very much living the majestic life.
    Here’s a list of some royal Indian families you probably didn’t know still exist.
    • Royal Family of Jaipur

    The Royal Family of Jaipur are the descendants of a Rajput clan known as the Kachhwahas, who claim descent from Kush, son of Ram. His Highness Bhawani Singh was the last titular head of Jaipur. While he had no son, in 2002 he adopted his daughter's elder son, Padmanabh Singh, who succeeded him as head of the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur upon his death.

    Padmanabh became the Maharaja of Jaipur in 2011. He is a national-level polo player and is working to bring more awareness to sports today. Not only has the royal family given out the Rambagh Palace to Taj Hotels to run for business, the young king himself has also partnered with AirBnB recently.

    • The Royal Family of Jodhpur

    Jodhpur was once ruled by the Rathore family; who’s descendants still live there. Currently, Maharaja Gaj Singh lives in the Umaid Bhawan Palace, with his wife, two kids and their spouses. The royal family has opened a part of the Palace to tourists and the rest is managed by the Taj Group of Hotels, who runs the place in partnership with the family.

    Umaid Bhawan Palace is among the most sought-after locations for destination weddings in the country. In fact, Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra tied the knot to Nick Jonas in this beautiful property itself.
    • Royals of Mewar

    Mewar dynasty is truly one of the most popular and recognized royal lineages in India. The prolific Mewar Dynasty is known for great kings like Maharana Pratap.

    Currently, Rana Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar is the 76th custodian of the dynasty and the family resides in the beautiful city of Udaipur. Besides being a nominal king, Arvind Singh is a very successful businessman. He is the head of the HRH Group of Hotels, which has over 10 hotels (approx) under it. He has also given out some palaces (that still belong to the royal family) on lease. Notably, the Lake Palace as well as the Fateh Prakash Palace, are given to the Taj Group of Hotels to run for business.
    • Nawab of Pataudi

    The Nawabs ruled the kingdom of Pataudi back in the day. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was the last titular head of the Pataudi kingdom. Besides being a Nawab, His Royal Highness was also the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team. He married actress Sharmila Tagore - the couple has three children.

    As of today, the Pataudi clan is now ruled by Bollywood’s very own Nawab, Saif Ali Khan. Besides his earnings from his acting career, the Nawab owns the Ibrahim Palace, the ancestral palace of the Pataudi family, which is currently run by Neemrana Hotels for tourists.


    • The Wadiyar Dynasty

    Yaduveera Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar is currently the titular Maharaja of Mysore and the head of the Wadiyar dynasty. The new king, however, holds a degree in English Literature and economics. The family owns one of the most famous silk brands known as The Royal Silk of Mysore, started by the King’s uncle, Srikantadatta.
    • The Gaekwads of Baroda

    The Gaekwads, who originally came from Pune, had held power in Baroda (now Vadodara) since the early 18th century. Samarjitsinh Gaekwad is currently the titular head of the royal family of Baroda. Among all the royal families of India, the Gaekwads of Baroda own the Laxmi Vilas Palace, which is the largest private residence in the world. If that wasn’t enough, Samarjitsinh also inherited several paintings by Raja Ravi Varma along with innumerable assets like gold and silver jewellery. He also manages temple trusts of 17 temples in Gujarat and Banaras.

    These royal families of India have truly managed to survive the tide of time and continue to salvage their opulence even today. Over the decades, they have transformed their ancestral assets and wealth into blossoming businesses. Given the rich inheritance and the fame and fortune left by their ancestors, they continue to live a majestic life of luxury till date.