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How To Use Savings Account Online | AU Small Finance Bank

How to Use Savings Account Online?

    A Savings Account is a basic bank account that generates interest, offers instant access to financial transactions & other benefits. Today, you do not need to visit a bank branch as you can easily open and use a Savings Account online. If you are 18 years of age and above & have the KYC documents in place, you can simply get in touch with our AU Small Finance Bank representative over a video call & get started with the online process.

    If this is the first time that you're about to open Savings Account online, here's everything you should know about the process-


    Opening a New Savings Account Online

    To begin with, you have to visit the official website of the bank for the online procedure. You can opt for AU Small Finance Bank, which offers a Savings Account with a high interest rate and an online account opening facility thanks to its Video Banking feature. If you are a non-AU Small Finance Bank customer, this is the most accessible, convenient & secure platform to get started with the Savings Account online process.


    Selecting the Right Type of Account

    You should also choose an account type during the online Saving Account opening. AU Small Finance Bank offers an extensive range of Savings Accounts to fulfil the banking needs of every customer.

    Apart from a regular Savings Account, you can find dedicated accounts for-

    • Women
    • Senior Citizens
    • Kids
    • Students

    As the features and benefits vary between these accounts, check the account details carefully before selecting.


    Receiving the Account Number

    After receiving the duly filled account opening form and other details, the bank registers a new Savings Account in the customer's name. You'll receive all the relevant details of the new account including the account number through an email and the Welcome Kit including your ATM/Debit Card and cheque book is sent to your registered address.

    After receiving your account details, you can visit the bank's official website to register for AU 0101 NetBanking.


    Using AU 0101 NetBanking

    After logging in to your AU 0101 NetBanking account, you can make fund transfers through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, pay online bills, apply for a loan, open a Fixed Deposit Account, and access all the other online banking services.


    AU 0101 App Usage

    AU 0101 App is just as feature-packed as its online banking portal. After receiving your account details, you can download and open the AU 0101 App on your smartphone to register for mobile banking and enjoy a secure banking experience on the go. 

    The bank also offers WhatsApp Banking service to ensure that customers can access a host of banking services as conveniently as chatting with family and friends on the world's most popular instant messaging app.


    Experience a New World of Banking with an Online Savings Account

    Everyone dreads the long queues we encountered every time we visited the bank, but with an online Savings Account and features like AU 0101 App/NetBanking you can access your account anytime, anywhere. Choose AU Small Finance Bank for a Digital Savings Account to experience the new world of banking that is convenient, secure, and available 24x7.

    *T&C Apply.