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How to Renew Your Fixed Deposit Account

How to Renew Your Fixed Deposit Account

    Introduction to Fixed Deposit Renewal

    Fixed Deposits (FDs) are a popular and safe investment option that helps individuals grow their savings over a fixed period. At the end of the tenure, the deposit matures, and the investor can either withdraw the amount with the interest earned or choose to renew the FD for another term. In this blog, we will discuss the process of renewing your FD account, its benefits, interest rates, tenure, and taxation.


    How to Renew Your Fixed Deposit?

    Renewing an FD is a straightforward process, which usually involves the following steps:

    • Visit your bank's branch or use its online banking portal to initiate the renewal process.

    • Submit a request for renewal, specifying the new tenure and the amount you wish to reinvest.

    • Verify and confirm your details and submit the request.

    • The bank will process the renewal, and your FD will be reinvested for the chosen term.

    It is essential to initiate the renewal process before the maturity date to avoid any gap between the old and new FD terms.

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    Benefits of Renewing Fixed Deposits

    • Continued Investment:

    Renewing your FD allows you to keep your investment intact and continue earning interest on it, thereby contributing to your long-term financial goals.

    • Flexibility:

    You can choose a new tenure and modify the deposit amount as per your financial needs and objectives.

    • Convenience:

    Renewing an FD is a hassle-free process that can be completed online or at your bank's branch.



    Renewing your Fixed Deposit account is an excellent way to continue growing your savings and achieve your financial goals. By understanding the renewal process, benefits, interest rates, tenure, and taxation, you can make informed decisions and optimize your investment strategy. Remember to review your financial needs and objectives periodically to ensure your FD remains aligned with your long-term financial plan.

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