How to Pay Income Tax online for Salaried / Self Employed Individuals | AU Small Finance Bank
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How to Pay Income Tax online for Salaried / Self Employed Individuals?

    If you are a salaried individual, your employer must have deducted the taxes from your salary (via TDS). But if you are self-employed, have your own business or have income beyond salary (such as rental income), the taxes deducted at source may not be enough for your income tax payment.
    To calculate your payable income tax, add income from all sources. Include salary income, interest income, capital gains etc., just like you do at the time of filing your income tax return. If you are a freelancer, estimate your annual income from all clients, and deduct expenses like Rent of your workplace, internet bills, mobile bills, depreciation on computers, travel expenses etc.
    Once you determine how much income tax you must pay, follow these easy steps to pay your taxes:
    • 1. Login to either AU Bank NetBanking or AU Mobile app and click on ‘Tax Payments’
    • 2. Click on Tax Payments icon. You will be redirected to
    • 3. Complete one-time registration of your PAN/TAN to generate Profile ID
    • 4. Choose ‘Challan No./ITNS (280)’
    • 5. Select Profile ID (generated while registering your PAN)
    • 6. Under Tax Applicable, choose ‘Other Than Companies’ (for individuals)
    • 7. Choose ‘Self-Assessment Tax’ or ‘Advance Tax’ under Type of Payment
    • 8. Select the Assessment Year
    • 9. Enter Payment details like Tax amount, surcharge, Education cess, Interest, penalty, etc
    • 10. Select your Bank Account Number
    • 11. Click on ‘Make Payment’ to pay your income tax. You will get Challan Identification Number (CIN). Enter CIN when you file your tax returns
    You can also pay other type of taxes under Challan No./ ITNS 282 such as Gift Tax, Securities Transaction Tax, Estate Duty, etc. or under Challan No. / ITNS 283 such as Fringe Benefits Tax with AU Bank NetBanking and AU Mobile app.