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How To Open Savings Account Online And Offline | AU Small Finance Bank

How to Open a Savings Account?

    Opening a Savings Account is a smart way to secure your savings, generate additional income, and facilitate everyday banking. Are you new to banking? So, here's a detailed process on how to open Savings Account online & offline -


    Steps to Open Savings Account (Offline)

    For instance, if you want to open a Savings Account offline with AU Small Finance Bank, you need to visit the nearest bank branch & follow the below steps for offline account opening-

    • 1. Please fill out the complete details of the form through TAB, follow the complete journey (Biometric or OTP based) & submit it along with your KYC documents. Your photograph will be captured virtually as well.
    • 2. If you are opting for Biometric journey, your basic details linked to your Aadhar gets updated automatically and you need to fill in the remaining details.
    • 3. If you are opting for OTP based journey, you need to enter all the details and process the account.
    • 4. Once the  process is completed and  verified, you will get an option to choose for Insta kit or personalised kit basis account opened. In case of Non instant account opening, the kit along with the deliverables opted for like cheque book, Debit card etc will be sent to your registered address within 7 to 10 days of account opening.

    Steps to Open Savings Account (Online)

    Open a Savings Account online in 6 simple steps with AU Small Finance Bank and earn high interest rate along with a Monthly Interest Payout option.

    For this, you need to download the AU 0101 App: 

    • 1. Open AU 0101 App & click on the Savings Account tab.
    • 2. Fill in your PAN & masked Aadhaar details & proceed with e-KYC.
    • 3. Confirm your personal and income details & submit a FATCA declaration.
    • 4. Select your AU Savings Account & Branch and confirm your details to fund the bank account.
    • 5. You can complete your KYC over Video Call instantly or schedule it later.
    • 6. Once you connect with our video banker, you need to display your PAN Card on the camera, sign on a blank piece of paper & show your signature on the camera.

    Benefits of Savings Account

    • Savings Account is a far better and more secure alternative to keeping your savings at home
    • Account holders are free to deposit and withdraw money from their Savings Accounts as necessary
    • high-interest-rate Savings Account helps customers make the most of their savings
    • Customers are also provided a Debit Card for Cash Withdrawals and Online Payments
    • Access to the Bank's AU 0101 App/NetBanking for on-the-go banking facility.

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    Open Savings Account with AU Video Banking

    Choose AU Small Finance Bank if you're looking for a Savings Account with digitally advanced features. For instance, the leading Small Finance Bank offers Online Account Openings through AU Video Banking

    Click here to go on a video call with our representative, who will assist you in the Savings Account opening process. You also have the flexibility to schedule the call as per your convenience.



    • 1. Can I Open Savings Account Online?

    Yes, you can open an Instant Savings Account online with AU Small Finance Bank, India's best Bank for Savings Accounts. You can use AU 0101 App, AU 0101 NetBanking, Whatsapp e-banking, or AU Video Banking for online account opening.

    • 2. Who Can Open Savings Account?

    Any Indian or NRI above the age of 18 years is eligible to open a Savings Account in India. In addition, AU Small Finance Bank offers AU Kids Savings Account, which parents and guardians can open for children below 18 years. You can follow the above steps to open Savings Account online or offline. 

    • 3. Which Bank Gives 7% p.a.* Interest on Savings Account?

    AU Small Finance Bank offers highest interest rate on a Savings Account. You can consider opening a Savings Account with the Bank to generate higher returns on your savings. Learn More – Savings Account Interest Rates

    • 4. What is the Monthly Interest on a Savings Account?

    With most banks, the interest your savings generate in a Savings Account is paid quarterly or half-yearly. But with the Monthly Interest Savings Account from AU Small Finance Bank, the interest is paid every month. 

    • 5. How Can I Earn Interest on My Money?

    An instant Savings Account with AU Small Finance Bank is the best choice if you're looking for a risk-free way to earn interest on your savings. You can also consider booking a Fixed Deposit (FD) or Recurring Deposit (RD) with the Bank, as it offers highly competitive interest rates. 


    *Terms and Conditions apply. Rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of AU Small Finance Bank. For more details, visit our website.