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How To Make Most of Credit Card & Debit Cards Offers?

    Credit Card & Debit Card users in India enjoy several exciting offers & deals on various lifestyle categories. Every year, numerous brands roll out deals & discounts on apparel, gadgets, groceries, appliances, travel, entertainment, healthcare and much more. Be it your birthday or just a shopping spree, you can save throughout the year using your Credit & Debit Card. So, if you are a shopaholic, here are some tips to make the most of the offers on Debit & Credit Cards:
    • Welcome Offers:

    Some Credit and Debit Card issuing companies provide welcome offers / introductory offers on cards. Using this, you can find the best deals through your Debit or Credit Card. Say, if you are eligible for AU Royale Debit Card from AU Small Finance Bank, you can enjoy assured welcome offers worth INR 10,000. Or, if you apply for an Altura Plus Credit Card with us, you can avail welcome vouchers worth INR 500 on a minimum retail spend of INR 10,000 done within 60 days of card setup.
    • Cashback Offers

    Cashback is a percentage of money that you receive when you do a transaction via a Debit / Credit Card. Usually, cashback is available on Credit Cards, but some issuers also offer this feature on Debit Cards. For instance, if you own an AU Royale Business Debit Card from AU Small Finance Bank, you can be eligible to get 1% monthly cashback up to INR 200 on non-fuel spending of a minimum INR 2500 per month. On the other hand, an Altura Credit Card holder can earn up to 7% cashback as an introductory offer*. Cashbacks are appealing, but before making a purchase, check if the product is eligible for a Cashback.
    • Zero Interest EMIs:

    Make your high value purchases affordable with Zero Interest EMIs. Also known as No-Cost EMI, this is again one of the trending Credit Card offers that may compel you to buy a product. This facility allows you to pay for the product in interest-free instalments. You can use this facility if you are doing any high-value transactions. It is advisable to check the processing fee and other charges involved. 

    • Using reward points:

    Do you know you can redeem the reward points that you have accumulated through every Credit Card transaction? The points you earn depend on the type of card you use. For instance, some Credit Cards offer from 5 Reward Points to 20 Reward Points per INR 100 spent using the Credit Card.

    • Avail discounts:

    For this, lenders tie up with various brands to offer discounts across several categories like travel, shopping, dining, healthcare, etc. For instance, if you use AU Credit Card for travel, groceries, food, restaurants, entertainment, or others, you can be eligible for discounts on certain brands and thus ensure maximum savings.

    • Keep track of expenses:

    Offers on Credit and Debit Cards may tempt you to spend, but it is essential to keep in mind that you don’t spend beyond the Credit Card Limit using a Credit Card or exhaust your savings while shopping with a Debit Card. Every Credit Card comes with a credit limit, and it is advisable not to exceed the credit limit. Similarly, Debit Cards should be used with caution.


    AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card & Debit Card Offers:

    AU Small Finance Bank is one of the largest Small Finance Banks (SFBs) in India. Along with basic banking solutions, the bank offers a range of Debit Cards and Credit Cards to cater to the various needs of the customers.

    You can grab the best Credit & Debit Card offers online on top brands in India. Whether you want to do a Hotel Booking, make a Bill Payment, or carry out any other transaction, you can save huge using an AU Debit Card and AU Credit Card.

    *T& C Apply