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How to get the best insurance policy for your used car

    A second-hand insurance policy for used cars helps you get protection similar to what you can expect from a new car policy. It makes sure that you do not have liability for third party or other damage risks.
    Owning a car is always a momentous achievement. Irrespective of whether you are buying a new car or a pre-owned one, it is important to ensure proper safety of your vehicle. This is exactly why insurance is a must-have for your vehicle.
    Ideally, you must look for a car insurance policy that offers you the same level of coverage as you expect from a new car insurance policy. Typically, you must opt for a second-hand insurance policy that offers the car protection from third-party liabilities and other damage risks.
    This kind of a comprehensive car insurance policy helps you protect the car from any unforeseen natural calamity, accident or sudden emergencies. According to the Motor Vehicle Law in our country, all cars that are plying on the roads need to also have valid car insurance. Those who do not have it can be penalised too.
    This type of policy makes sure that even if your used car is responsible for damages to a third-party property, you do not have a huge monetary liability. The insurance company will pay for them on your behalf. All you have to do is choose the right kind of insurance policy and remember to pay the premium.
    This type of policy also covers the car from accident-related damages. Even injuries caused during the accident and subsequent treatment to heal them are covered by the insurance policy. As a result, in the unfortunate instance of an accident, the expenses for the driver’s injury and treatment are undertaken by the insurance company on your behalf.
    Therefore, a second-hand insurance policy makes owning a pre-owned car as hassle-free as a new one. But you have to remember to renew the insurance on time. Additionally, make sure that existing car insurance of the used car that you are buying is transferred to your name when you change ownership and the registration details. Typically, this takes two weeks, just like the time taken for the RC or the registration certificate of your car.