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How to Become a Computer Savvy Senior?

    You are never too old to learn something new, even technology! Becoming a computer savvy senior is easier than you might think. All you need to do is keep an open mind. While exploring something new can be a daunting and scary task, you will surely get better with time.

    If you want to learn the basics of a computer, we can give you some tips on how to become a tech-savvy senior in no time. Read below if you want to begin this exciting adventure.

    • Take a Local Class or Workshop

    Basic computer courses for seniors aren’t hard to find in the market. You can also find free classes or workshops within your own community or social center. Such classes can help you understand basic skills, like how to send emails, how to search for information on Google, how to make video calls to your loved ones, etc.

    • Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

    Whenever you feel confused or tangled – ask for help. Take help of the kids, especially the ones that have been surrounded by technology since birth – they are skilled when it comes to using various devices/gadgets. Use this time to bond with the kids in your family.

    There are also hundreds of books, magazines, articles, that you can explore. You can use them to research a topic you struggle with.

    • Keep Basic Settings

    Once you get a little familiar with the technology keep simpler alterations/settings to suit your needs – e.g. larger text size, louder sound, short cut buttons will make your navigation/operational process simpler and easier.  It will help you improve your experience.

    • Write Down Your Password

    As you get older you may tend to forget things - which is very normal. It is therefore advisable that you write down your new passwords in your private book/journal - so that in the event you forget about it suddenly, you can always get them back. However, ensure you do not share or misplace your important passwords especially when it comes to critical stuff like internet banking.

    • Use Social Media Sites Smartly

    While social media is undoubtedly intended for communicating with others, consider using it smartly. Personal information such as your password, phone number, address, bank account number should never be shared on a public forum. Likewise, make sure you avoid communicating with strangers online.

    • Read Reviews Before Buying Items Online

    If you want to buy a particular product or use a certain service online, ensure you first read the reviews. Most brands/companies will not be honest about their shortcomings on their website, but a reviewer will be.

    • Install Antivirus Software

    Install antivirus software on your computer. It will protect your device from hackers, malicious viruses, and software. These tools run in the background on your computer, so you don’t have to do anything more than occasionally update them.

    It’s true that you lived most of your lives without modern devices/gadgets – and that you are grateful about it - but that doesn’t mean you can’t use technology today.

    Technology isn’t just a young person’s game – you don’t need to avoid it. Whether you want to browse the Internet, learn how to use emails, make video calls or purchase some items online – all of it is easier than you think. Just give it a chance and let technology show you what it can do for you.  This positive attitude will not only keep your mind sharp but will also help you achieve a sense of pride.