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How to Apply for a Debit Card

How to Apply for a Debit Card

    Having a debit card these days makes life really convenient. Debit cards have been around for a while, but many people still don’t have one. It’s very simple to get one and it opens up a world of benefits.

    With a debit card, you don’t need to carry cash. Kahin pe bhi card swipe karo, aur paise apne aap account se debit ho jaayenge.

    If you want a debit card, you first need to have a bank account. This is because unlike a credit card, which is like a loan that you can repay later,a debit card uses money existing in your bank account. We’ve listed out some of the ways you can get a debit card easily.

    1. Open a savings account

    You can approach any bank and open a savings account. Most banks give you a debit card automatically* once you open the account. You can either get it on the spot or you might have to fill out an application. The card will then be sent to your registered address within 2-7 working days. Remember, to open a savings account. you will need to fill out an application, submit your KYC documents and make a minimum deposit depending on the bank’s requirements.

    Bank may not offer a debit card in case the mode of operation of account is jointly held.

    2. Approach your existing bank

    If you already have a savings account and have not been issued a debit card, you need to approach your bank. Some banks have the option online, or on the phone through customer care, or lastly, you might need to visit the bank.

    • Online -

      You need to visit your bank’s website and access your online banking account. There will be an option of “Debit Cards/ATM Cards”. Under that category, you will be prompted to apply for one. AU Small Finance Bank ke debit card ke liye check kare AU debit card apply now page.
    • Customer Care -

      You can call the dedicated customer care helpline and request for a debit card. They will either put in the request on your behalf or guide you on how to apply for it.
    • Visit the Bank -

      You can visit your bank branch, fill out an application and the card will be issued to you.

    Depending on the bank, you will either have to pick it up from the bank when it’s ready or it will be delivered to the address you have registered with the bank.

    3. Consider a prepaid card

    If you do not wish to open a savings account, you can opt for prepaid debit cards. These cards are available at some banks. You can buy the card, recharge it with money and then use that as a debit card to shop at stores or online, pay bills, and so on.

    Things to bear in mind while applying for a debit card

    • When you apply for a debit card, the bank will either send a PIN (Personal Identification Number) through a post to your address. Otherwise, you have to generate the PIN online or at an ATM. When you do this, ensure you keep the PIN safely and do not disclose it to anyone.
    • The debit card number, CVV, and OTP should also never be shared with anyone. Bank ke saath bhi nai. This information should be kept confidential to avoid fraud.
    • No bank representative will ask you for debit card or credit card details. Don’t fall for scams like “Your account will be deactivated if you do not share the details” or “You will be charged a fine”. The bank already has the details they require, and will not force you to disclose any information.
    • While using ATMs, check for phony devices placed on top of the machine. And lastly, always cover the keypad when entering your PIN.

    Now that you know all this, you should also know that debit cards are absolutely safe to use! Apply for your very own debit card now and we guarantee you’ll love everything about it!

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