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How Is A Womens Savings Account Better Than A Regular Savings Account | AU Small Finance Bank

How is a Women's Savings Account Better than a Regular Savings Account?

    To cater to the growing banking needs of customers, AU Small Finance Bank offers different types of Savings Accounts. These accounts are customised to match the banking needs of various customer categories better. For instance, you can now find a zero balance Saving Account for salaried employees and students. Similarly, the bank also offers dedicated Savings Accounts for women. 

    Take a look at how a Women's Savings Account is different from a regular account-


    Difference between Regular & Women Savings Account

    Women-specific Savings Accounts are exclusively designed to simplify banking for modern, independent women. Whether you're a homemaker, a working professional or an entrepreneur, the features of these accounts are customised to offer you a more convenient and rewarding banking experience. 

    Compared to a regular Savings Account, the added benefits and features of a Women's Savings Account make it easier for women to save their hard-earned money and build a financially secure future for themselves and their loved ones.  


    Benefits & Features of Women Savings Account over a Regular Savings Account

    The best Savings Account for women offers features like-

    • Higher Interest Rate with Monthly Interest Payouts

    A high interest rate on Women's Savings Accounts help them make the most of their savings. In the longer run, the higher interest rates and the power of compounding can help you generate handsome returns on your savings.  

    • Monthly Interest Payout

    Most banks and their regular Savings Accounts generally pay interest quarterly. However, AU Small Finance Bank offers monthly interest payouts on its AU Women Savings Account and all the other types of Savings Accounts. 

    • Dedicated Relationship Officer

    Need help with a banking service or selecting an investment or insurance product? Get in touch with your dedicated relationship officer. The relationship officer functions as a single point of contact for all your banking and financial needs. 

    • Exclusive Joining Bonus

    The best bank account for women also offers a host of joining bonuses. For instance, you can receive online shopping vouchers for the first Debit Card transaction, bill payment, booking an FD, completing an online investment account registration and much more. 

    • Low Minimum Balance 

    A women-specific bank account also offers enhanced banking flexibility with lower minimum balance requirements. For instance, AU Small Finance Bank only requires the account holders to maintain a minimum balance of INR 5,000 (urban areas) and INR 2,000 (rural areas) in the AU Women Savings Account. 

    • Extended Banking Hours

    Managing a household, keeping up with your professional commitments, or both is very time-consuming. With a Women's Savings Account, you can avail extended banking hours^ so that you can visit the bank at your convenience.


    Avail Debit Card Offers

    With an AU Women’s Savings Account, you can get a Visa Debit Card that lets you avail 1,000+ offers & discounts from top brands in India.

    Women Savings Account- A True Banking Partner for Women With exclusive features and benefits, a Women's Savings Account is a superior alternative to a regular Savings Account. With AU Small Finance Bank, you get added advantages like high interest rates, monthly interest payouts, a dedicated relationship manager, and much more; the account is perfectly equipped to fulfil the banking needs of women. 

    Moreover, AU Small Finance Bank also allows you to open a Savings Account online from the comfort of your home via our AU Video Banking facility. All you need is a PAN card, an Aadhaar Card & funds to deposit into the account.

    ^Not applicable in some select locations. To know your branch timings, click here.

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