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How is FD better than other investments | AU Small Finance Bank

How is a Fixed Deposit Better than other Investments?

    As far as we can remember, we all have been saving money. Aur ek packet me double dhamaka tab hota hai jab aap uss savings pe earn bhi kare. You can earn on your savings by investing in various available options. But how do you choose the best investment option?

    Here, we have tried to ease your confusion by giving you reasons as to why fixed deposit is better than any other investment:


    Reason 1: Fixed earning:

    In fixed deposit, banks provide you with fixed interest as per your earning. Isliye agar aap fixed deposit mein invest karte hai then aapko ek fixed earning milti hai in the form of interest. This interest does not change till the time of your withdrawal.


    Reason 2: Low risk:

    Risk waha hoti hai jaha kuch fixed nahi hota. But in the case of fixed deposit everything from time period to interest rate is fixed so your investment faces the least risk amongst many of the investment options.


    Reason 3: Fixed time:

    In fixed deposit, you deposit your money for a fixed time and cannot withdraw before the time limit. Isse apko assurance/bharosa rehta hai apni deposit pe and aap time period ke baad apni savings usi tarah wapis le sakte hai.


    Reason 4: Tax saving FD:

    Among all the types of fixed deposit you can choose tax saving FD which will help you in saving tax.

    Keeping these tips in mind, if Gabbar asks you now, “kitna invest kia FD mein?” You can safely reply “Sardaar, sari savings.”

    We hope this information- packed blog was useful to you. To know more contact us at 1800-1200-1200.

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