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How Flowers Affect the Elderly: Happiness in Bloom

    In cultures around the world as far back in history, there have been records, that flowers provided emotional support to humans. Whether it's roses, orchids, marigold, lotus or a simple lily etc. every flower has got a different kind of appeal and feel of human senses.

    Different studies show that flowers are a powerful positive emotion inducer. This article tells you why elders should consider more flowers around them.

    • Flowers Can Help Improve Mood

    A recent survey found that 60-70 percent of senior citizens feel stressed on a weekly basis and another 30-40 percent feel stressed every single day. According to studies, flowers were found to have the most stress-relieving impact and the people that received them experienced a reduction in stress.

    According to studies flowers were found to have the most stress-relieving impact, and the people that received them experienced a reduction in stress. The study notes that seniors who received flowers experienced more peace and harmony from within. Researchers believe that this is because flowers provide the opportunity for nature contact.

    And remember, it’s not just Women - Men too feel happy! While women are traditionally seen as the recipients of flowers, recent studies found that flowers induced a very positive reaction in both women and men.

    • Flowers Improve Memory

    Is this true? Health experts say it can!

    The great thing about flowers is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They’re the perfect way to enhance the environment around seniors. Because flowers are so fragrant and the smells are so strongly linked with memories, they actually act as super brain food for older adults. They boost brain cells and help improve memory, clarity and concentration.

    • Great Healing Power

    Studies found that seniors who stayed in rooms filled with flowers had significantly better health conditions than those who stayed in dull gloomy surroundings. The colour and scent of flowers help lower systolic blood pressure, pain, anxiety, and fatigue. They promote blood circulation in the mind and body and helps one stay energized and active.

    • Spiritual Connection

    Flowers signify strength, purity, consciousness. They help you connect with the divine within you and attract positive vibrations, prosperity, health, happiness and love. Hence, seniors should surround themselves with flowers. It can help them live a blissful and cheerful life.

    To conclude, do not indulge yourself too much in gadgets and gizmos. Instead, take a moment and appreciate the beauty of nature. It’s amazing what a simple bunch of flowers can do for your home and your well-being. All it takes is a vase, a well-chosen bouquet and a little bit of water. Besides, they are super easy to incorporate design features in your homes.

    Remember, flowers are a boon to humans. Be it any day, any occasion, they will help you stay optimistic and help you attract abundance in life.

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