Fun Indoor Activities for Seniors to Enjoy at Home
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Fun Indoor Activities for Seniors to Enjoy at Home

    While many seniors today are homebound due to the monsoons and the pandemic, they can still have a blast by engaging in some fun indoor activities. Simple and interesting, taking time from your day to take up these activities can provide hours of entertainment, while keeping you mentally and physically healthy.

    • Yoga

    Yoga is a holistic practice that combines asanas with breathing techniques and meditation. Regular yoga practice not only boosts immunity, but also unites the body, mind and soul, to attain calm and peacefulness. This activity should ideally be taken up by all elders since it increases their sense of well-being and self-efficacy. Learn more about the perfect yoga asanas for you.


    • Gardening

    Gardening can be a little messy — you are digging in the mud, after all! However, it turns out to be an extremely productive activity for elders. As per studies, the blooming flowers and leaves, along with sun rays, trigger the release of serotonin in the brain that works as a natural anti-depressant, since it generates a feeling of purpose. It soothes the mind and helps one feel calm, and grounded, while providing nutritious, home-grown produce.


    • Reading Books

    Reading is one of the best indoor activities for elders. They not only offer knowledge, but the best books also bring happiness and an immense sense of perspective in life. With facts, mystery, poetry, and humor – they can keep elder entertained and engaged throughout the day! Find some amazing book recommendations here and here.


    • Making Art and Craft

    Art and craft activities like knitting, sketching, painting, pottery, among others, activate the mind with creativity and imagination. Moreover, it reduces stress, alleviates anxiety, and lowers the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment. Creative activities are known to lower blood pressure by helping muscles to relax naturally, improve blood circulation and produce endorphins, which induce happiness and laughter. They also boost the immune system by releasing chemicals that combat stress and increase optimistic thinking.


    • Indoor Games

    Fun and interactive games like sudoku, crosswords, chess, scrabble, carom, ludo, among other board games – promote socializing and laughter. It boosts competitiveness, enriches the mind, and wards off feelings of loneliness. There are a variety of games seniors can try on their mobile phones too. The best ones being – Tetris, Words with Friends, Dots, Card Shark Solitaire and Candy Crush. Such games increase memory formation and cognition capabilities by supporting the brain in complex thought formation and making relevant associations.


    • Dance

    Dancing is a great exercise for older people. This activity efficiently contributes to their well-being. It not only helps elders stay active and energetic but also promotes a playful and spontaneous atmosphere around them. Physical activities in seniors enhance fine motor skills, coordination and dexterity, which is essential for performing routine activities. Studies have shown that dance forms like Jazz, Square, Latin-American and Line Dancing have slowed down the ageing process. Further, many fitness instructors recommend Zumba and Ballroom Dancing for seniors as it is extremely fun and engaging.

    All the above activities are simple and uncomplicated. While the rainy and the pandemic has kept us housebound, these indoor activities can keep us engaged and happy without needing to move around too much.


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