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Find your Calling to Serve Society

    Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things seniors can do with their free time to make life fruitful and meaningful. Moreover, it offers you a chance to bring the changes you want to leave in the world. 
    Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to accomplish their day-to-day objectives and goals. Post-retirement, seniors can give their time, energy, and possibly resources to such organizations. This volunteering activity will not help seniors gain a real sense of achievement. In this article, we have listed organizations from across India to whom you can lend your time and support.
    • Seva Mandir

    Located in Udaipur, Seva Mandir works for the development of rural Rajasthan. It works with more than 5,00,000 people in 1,300 rural villages in two districts (Udaipur and Rajsamand) of southern Rajasthan.  Since its foundation, Seva Mandir has been committed to promoting a social order based on the principles of Gandhian philosophy espoused by its founder, Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta. These principles are non-violence, truthfulness, honesty, fairness and respect for one another.
    • CRY (Child Rights and You)

    CRY has been working towards creating happier and healthier childhoods for the last 40 years. They work on alleviating several issues like child marriage, child trafficking, child labor, poverty, malnutrition, girl child, education and illiteracy. You can be a part of this community and help every child live, learn, grow and play. To know how you can make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, browse their website.
    • Salaam Baalak Trust

    Salaam Baalak Trust, based in Delhi provides support services for street and working children.  It offers good nutrition, mental health, quality education/ vocational training, and support for performing arts such as photography, theatre, dance, puppetry, etc. You can give your time, talent, and support to teach a skill, or participate in various activities and share the workload of the staff. The only requisites from the volunteer are dedication and commitment to work for the cause of street children. If you want to make a difference in the lives of children that need it most, please contact the center today.
    • Human Wave

    Based in Kolkata, the Human Wave organization runs community development and health projects for children, women and communities in West Bengal — mainly towns around Kolkata. This includes a number of youth projects and volunteer programs in the Sundarbans too. Human wave offers short-term (from 2 weeks to three months) volunteering experiences in the field of: Community Mobilization, Women Empowerment, Child Development, Health Promotion and Administrative Support.
    • Robin Hood Army

    Modeled on the Re-Food program in Portugal, the Robin Hood Army started on the streets of Delhi in August 2014. This zero-funds volunteer organization works to get surplus food from restaurants and communities to serve the less fortunate. Food for all is the motto of the Robin Hood Army. Volunteers are required to take food from restaurants and provide it to the needy. Even if you manage a restaurant or generally want to contribute regular meals from your family or workplace, connect with Robin Hood Army team today.
    • Sadhana Forest

    Based in Tamil Nadu, Sadhana Forest’s vision is to transform 70 acres of severely eroded, arid land on the outskirts of Auroville. In a spirit of human unity, their aim is to ensure ecological improvement, educate children about the environment and help villagers become self-sufficient by teaching them to cultivate their own food. People of all ages and abilities can volunteer at this center. No skills are required for this effort – just a willingness to help the forest. If you want to showcase your love for the environment, and wish to do something for nature – do get in touch with the team today.
    • The Y. P. Foundation

    The Y. P. Foundation ‘s vision is to ensure that young people’s human rights are realized.  The foundation was laid with the realization that young people across all sections of society have a strong capacity to engage with issues that matter to them, but are frequently undermined in their attempts to do so.  The foundation has recently started an initiative – ‘Know Your Body, Know Your Rights’.  You can join this initiative if it interests you.
    • Teach for India

    Teach for India believes that one day all children will attain an excellent education. As a result, this growing community works towards educational equity at all levels of the education system. This organization has a number of teaching centers across the country. If you are good at teaching – here is a chance where you can contribute something towards the society.
    Like ‘Ralph Waldo Emerson’ once said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.
    Yet, volunteering not only helps strengthen your community but also offers a number of emotional and physical benefits. According to studies, volunteering keeps the brain active, which contributes to a person’s cognitive health. It prevents isolation and depression, promotes physical activity and makes use of your time more productive. 
    So, why wait? Find a volunteering activity you’re passionate about and get started now.