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Features Of Savings Account | AU Small Finance Bank

Features of a Savings Account

    When it comes to safety and reliability, parking cash in a Savings Account is often the most preferred option whether you are a salaried individual, pensioner, kid, woman, etc. These accounts typically pay modest interest rates & are an exceptional medium for withdrawing cash to cover short-term needs. That's not all; a Savings Account offers many other features and benefits which can help make a Savings Account a companion for day-to-day financial requirements. Let's get to know the features of a Savings Bank Account.


    Importance of Savings Account

    With all the hard work you put into earning money, you'd surely like to keep it protected at all times. But, at the same time, you'd also want to ensure that your savings are always accessible to you for your everyday expenses and emergencies. 

    A Savings Bank Account effectively meets these objectives, making it an essential part of your daily life financials. 

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    Features of Savings Bank Account

    Here are Savings Account features you should know about:

    Generate High Interest Income

    One of the key features of a Savings Account is its interest-bearing capabilities. The amount you deposit in the account helps to generate regular interest income. Now you can open a high interest bearing AU Savings Account with us and enjoy monthly interest payouts.


    More than just Financial Transactions

    Apart from the flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds for personal use, your Savings Account allows you to carry out various other daily financial transactions. For instance, with AU 0101 App / NetBanking, you can transfer funds, book hotels and flights, pay utility bills & more.

    Enjoy Paperless Banking

    When it comes to depositing funds into the Savings Account, you can do it without the need to fill out a deposit slip.


    Wide Range to Choose From

    You can find Savings Accounts with zero monthly balance requirements that are ideal for salaried individuals, as well as other types or Savings Account for institutions, students, kids etc.


    Reduced Dependency on Cash

    Whether you'd like to send money or make online/offline bill payments, a Savings Account reduces your dependency on cash. With our flagship product, AU Savings Account, you can use AU 0101 App / NetBanking for online payments or use Visa Gold Debit Card /ATM Card to make online and offline payments.


    Avail Debit Card loaded with Offers:

    With AU Small Finance Bank’s various accounts like Royale, Platinum, Institution, Salary etc. you also avail a feature-rich VISA Gold Debit Card wherein you can unlock various offers from some of the leading brands. 


    AU Savings Account

    One of the leading Savings Account features is the availability of various account options. AU Small Finance Bank, India's largest Small Finance Bank, offers different types of Savings Accounts with an abundance of world-class features. These include:


    How to Open Savings Account with Video Banking?

    Now that you know what the features of a Savings Account are, here's how you can open the account through Video Banking:

    AU Small Finance Bank is one of the few Indian banks that offer Savings Account opening services through Video Banking. The service requires you to schedule a video call with a bank executive at your convenience and open a new Savings Account with zero paperwork. 

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    All the steps involved in opening a new Savings Account, like document verification, signature verification, and KYC, are completed online to ensure maximum convenience and faster account opening. 

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