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Features and Benefits of Debit Cards

    Nowadays, a debit card has almost become a necessity. It allows the convenience of withdrawing money from your bank account, at your convenience. You can also make purchases by swiping the card at a store.

    Here are some features of a debit cards: 

    1. Bank account: 

      It is linked to a bank account, from where money is deducted every time a transaction is done. Isliye koi bhi debit card lene ke liye ek bank account hona zaruri hai.
    2. Eligibility:

      Anyone who has a bank account can have a debit card. To koi aur extra documentation ki tension nahi hai. Banks may though not offer a debit card in case the mode of operation of account is jointly held.
    3. Maximum amount withdrawal:

      The withdrawal amount from debit card varies from INR 10,000 to 2,00,000
    4. Accident cover:

      Some banks like AU Bank offer accident cover with debit card worth INR 5,00,000.
    5. Types of debit card:Banks offer different varieties of debit cards like classic debit card, platinum debit card, gold card, business card, etc. Each offers different benefits and features.

    Some of these power-packed features are:

    1. Special debit card benefits:

      Debit cards offer various benefits like accident cover, zero charges on facilities like fuel payment, eating out, movies, etc.
    2. Payback benefits:

      Many vendors offer payback points if you pay using debit cards. Isse aap apna product buy karte hai aur apko payback points bhi milte hai, jisko aap apni dusre purchases pe use kar sakte hai.
    3. High spending limits:

      Banks nowadays offer high spending limits on debit cards; up to 2 lakhs. To aapki spending pe koi restriction nahi hai.
    4. Card cover liability:

      In case you lose your card and incur losses on it, banks aapko liability cover bhi provide karte hai.

    Toh jab itne hai benefits, kyon na use kare debit card!

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