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Features and Benefits of Debit Cards

    Nowadays, a Debit Card has almost become a necessity. The advantages of having a Debit Card are many and obvious - you can withdraw money anytime from your bank account, make purchases by swiping the card at a store. AU Small Finance Bank is at the forefront of digital banking innovation among the small finance banks in India. Explore our amazing range of Debit Cards. They are safe, secure, and convenient to use. Any individual with a bank account can apply for an AU Debit Card online.


    Let us get to know some of the features of Debit Cards:

    • Bank account: Debit Cards are linked to a bank account. In case you have a salary or savings account with us, you can easily avail a Debit Card. AU Small Finance Bank offers a range of Visa and RuPay Debit Cards to suit your needs.
    • Eligibility: Anyone who has a bank account with us is eligible for a Debit Card. You don’t need to go through any documentation process to apply for a Debit Card.
    • Maximum amount withdrawal: Experience the freedom of increased withdrawal and purchase limit with our Debit Cards.
    • Add-on features: With an AU Debit Card, you can avail best-in-class insurance covers such as purchase protection, air travel insurance, and personal accident.
    • Card Liability Cover: This is one of the advantages of Debit Card. If your Debit Card gets stolen or lost, we help to recover the loss ranging from Rs.75,000 to a maximum of Rs.2,00,000, depending on the card you select. With the help of our AU 0101 App/NetBanking, you can also instantly block the card.

    Benefits of AU Debit Card:

    We offer different types of Debit Cards that are loaded with a lot of benefits. Here are some unique attributes and advantages of our Debit Cards you can’t miss:

    • Zero to a mere 1.5% of mark-up fees on international purchases.
    • Complimentary airport lounge access (domestic/ international) per year on our AU Royale Debit Card range.
    • To ensure faster checkout, use our “tap & go” feature on AU Royale, AU Royale World, AU Visa Business Platinum Debit Card and Visa Platinum Debit Card. All you need to do is simply tap your contactless Debit Card without dipping it through a card reader at the checkout counter.
    • With enhanced security for online purchases and online payments through the AU 0101 App, website, or chatbot, you need not worry about any theft or fraud.
    • Our Visa & RuPay Debit Card range is ATM-friendly across the globe. Enjoy a high daily ATM daily transfer limit of Rs.20,000 in this range.
    • AU Debit Card works wonders if you want to avoid buying stuff on credit and wish to spend only from your savings account.

    Types of Debit Cards:

    At AU Small Finance Bank, we offer different varieties of Debit Cards to cater to the needs of our customers. Below is the range of Debit Cards offered by us:

    • AU Royale World Debit Card
    • AU Royale Debit Card
    • Visa Platinum Debit Card
    • Visa Business Platinum Debit Card
    • RuPay Platinum Debit Card
    • RuPay Classic Debit Card
    • Visa Gold Debit Card
    • Visa Business Gold Debit Card

    Offers on Debit Cards:

    At AU Small Finance Bank we offer cashback and discount offers on Debit Cards across categories, including shopping, dining, travel, healthcare, education, entertainment, and others. Grab offers from brands like Dominos, MakeMyTrip, JioMart, Swiggy, Inox, Cleartrip, & more. On the AU Royale Debit Card range, enjoy exclusive discounts on international restaurants like Sherlock Holmes, Bangalore Express City (UK), Spice of India (UAE), as well as offers from international brands like Avis, Zalora, Talixo, Viimart, and many more globally.


    How to Apply for Debit Card?

    Eager to avail of these and many more perks of AU Debit Cards? If you already have a bank account with us, apply for AU Debit Card right away! All the above Debit Card features and benefits are available to our customers to ensure a smooth, secure, and seamless banking experience with us. Here’s how you can apply for a Debit Card:

    • Visit our branch: Head to your nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch and apply in person.
    • Call customer care: Alternatively, you can apply for a new card by calling our customer care number 1800-1200-1200.

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