Experimenting with Meditation for Joy and Serenity
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Experimenting with Meditation for Joy and Serenity

    Meditation is a necessity in today’s chaotic times. Experimenting with different kids of meditative practices every day will not only improve your emotional health, but also improve your overall quality of life.
    Meditation, an ancient Indian practice is a means of transforming your mind. There are many meditative practices you can try today, as per what works best for you. By engaging with a particular kind of meditation, you not only learn the patterns and habits of your mind, but also to cultivate new ways of living a positive and happy life. Experiment with these meditation techniques turn by turn – and find out which one works best with your needs and personality.
    • Mindfulness Meditation 
    One of the most popular healing techniques – mindfulness meditation originates from Buddhist teachings. This practice teaches you to slow down your racing thoughts and acknowledge the present without any judgment. It not only helps you consider the current situation in a controlled manner but also helps you gain clarity of direction to handle troublesome and challenging situations well.

    How to do it: Find a quiet spot in your home; ideally where there no disturbances or noise. Sit with your legs folded and close your eyes. Now observe your mind and recognize each thought that arises, without judging or manipulating it. When your attention wanders, come back. Rest and appreciate the present moment. Practice it for 10-15 minutes daily.
    • Spiritual Meditation
    Spiritual meditation is similar to praying. It is a practice where you seek a deeper connection with God or the Universe – something that is greater, vaster and deeper than the individual self. This practice is beneficial for those who thrive to seek peace and spiritual growth.

    How to do it: Look for a calm and peaceful place. Sit with your legs folded, close your eyes, and connect yourself to the divine power. Practice for 15-20 minutes daily. Essential oils may be used to heighten the spiritual experience.
    • Visualization Meditation
    The human mind is powerful and astonishing. When you combine it with practices like meditation, it increases your ability to create the life you truly desire. The same technique is used in this type of meditation. During this practice, an image that creates a particular feeling or emotion is brought into the mind.  You need to activate your creative subconscious and visualize what it is that you want to manifest.  

    How to do it: In a simple seated position, close our eyes and visualize something that you want to attain in life. Train your mind to stay steady and not get hung up on limitations or negativity. Keep breathing steadily. Practice this for 15-20 daily. You are sure to experience great results in life. Many successful people have used this technique to help them achieve their dreams. 
    • Movement Meditation
    This type of meditation is done while we are moving. Just as seated meditation, movement meditation brings you back to the present. The key is to dive into the present movement/action with awareness. This meditation is a productive alternative for people who are vigorous or restless – someone who doesn’t have the patience to sit still and meditate.
    How to do it: In this technique, you need to focus on your action/movement. If you are running, let the sound of your foot hitting the ground grab your focus. Return if your mind starts wandering. You can practice this technique anywhere and anytime.
    • Mantra Meditation
    This meditation is done by chanting a mantra. However,  there’s no universal ‘best mantra.’ You can choose a mantra that works for you. It can be a word, line, or a phrase. “Om” is one such word that’s used in mantra meditation.
    You can also use positive affirmations as a mantra. A few examples are listed below:
    • I am happy at this moment.
    • I will listen to my heart 
    • I can make it happen, etc
    The options are endless.

    How to do it: Sit still and close your eyes. Organize your intentions and alleviate your mind through basic mindfulness of the breath. Now recite or chant your desired mantra for as long as you like. Concentrate on every word you utter and experience the internal sound as fully as possible. As thoughts arise, simply return to the mantra. 
    Meditation offers several benefits. It reduces stress, regulates mood, helps with anxiety, helps with focus and concentration, increases self-awareness, boosts immune health, promotes better sleep and decision-making skills, slows down aging, increases emotional strength and promotes serenity. Meditation can truly enrich your body, mind and soul, if you are open to it. So, keep practicing and start reaping its benefits soon.