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Enrich Your Life with Continued Learning

    The education of a man is not complete until he dies – there is no age limit to life-enriching knowledge. It is the foundation of a happy and meaningful life.
    A life of learning never runs out of purpose. So, if you are looking for the inspiration to keep learning new things, here are simple ways you can do that in everyday life:
    • Explore Online Tutorials/Webinars

    Online classes are very meaningful for elders with an intent to learn. A wide range of tutorials/webinars are available online. From art history, to photography, to economics, the list is limitless. Some online educational resources even offer tutorials/webinars for free. So, find a subject or a theme that best fits your interest and begin learning in the comfort of your home.
    • Read Books and Magazines that let you empathise

    Good books and magazines will enrich your mind and broaden your perspective towards life. They let you live many lives and enable you to empathize with others. You can never feel lonely in the company of books/magazines. You will find thousands of books/magazines in the local market and online. However, the right ones can make a difference. So, pick the ones you can really relate to!
    • Browse Blogs, Articles and Read on the Internet

    The internet holds a wealth of information and gives you access to an unlimited number of learning resources. Many reputable websites provide valuable knowledge, such as government websites, non-profit websites or university websites. You can even follow writers/bloggers, or subscribe to any informational newsletter you want – as per your interest and choice. The internet, if used correctly, will expand your knowledge greatly.
    • Start Doing Something Creative All By yourself

    When it comes to self-learning or self-development, just trying your hand at something is a good start. Refer to your bucket list, and try exploring something creative every week. Cook an unexplored cuisine, explore the birds and flowers in your garden or try doing something out of waste, etc.
    Try to find the answer to one new thing a day. If you find the task overwhelming – keep going. You just might be on your way to adding a new interest to your life!
    • Engage With Young Minds in Your Family

    Make sure you spend time with the younger generation – as you can learn something new from them. One of the important lessons you can learn from today’s youth is how to use technology. You can also learn fun ways to stay active, which is especially important at an older age.
    • Surround Yourself With Intellectual People

    As it is always said, the kind of people who surround us play a major role in improving and shaping our lives. Hence, surround yourself with intelligent people who are always looking to learn and grow. There is so much to learn from every such person – be it a love of community, an understanding of politics or just an understanding of life and joy on a deeper level. Having them around will awaken your desire to be like them. It will push you to learn new things and increase your pace of growth. And, you’ll be surprised to see a change within you.
    There is a very profound proverb from yesteryear by King Solomon, that says:
    “Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she (wisdom) is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies, nothing you desire can compare with her.”
    So, there’s your cue - keep learning and evolving all your life, and it is bound to be leaps and bounds richer!