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Effectively Tackling the Emotional Impact of the Lockdown

    During this crisis, it is essential to stay positive.  Instead of overthinking, utilize this time to improve the quality of your life and stay healthy. Stay positive, stay hale and healthy, at home.
    News bulletins about the pandemic are never-ending. For their own safety, the public is self-isolating themselves indoors for weeks. Social distancing, while is the need of the hour, is an unnatural way of life for us – as a result, many now stand a risk of developing anxiety and depression. This, in turn, may put unwanted pressure on the overall health system not to mention, affect the health and vitality of individuals and their families.
    The best way to avoid anxiety from escalating is to manage time efficiently while at home. We bring you some tips to help you deal with the mental and emotional stresses of the lockdown.

    1. Yoga and Meditation

    Yoga and meditation can greatly minimize stress and anxiety. It will not only provide you physical benefits, but encourages good mood, increase in mindfulness and a healthy dose of self-compassion. Yoga and meditation are considered effective for all age groups. So even if you have a medical history – you may still be able to practice yoga in these situations by doing simple asanas (do consult your physician to confirm which ones are appropriate for you). 
    With fitness centers closed due to lockdowns, many yoga practitioners are streaming classes online. So, you can also try browsing the internet to find one a yoga class online that suits your timings and needs.

    2. Spend Quality Time with Your Family 

    The lockdown has given us the opportunity to stay at home 24/7. Use this time to savor some memorable moments with your family and kids. Involve yourself in family discussions, prayers and other activities. You can even organize some indoor family games in a fun way. It will help you bond with your family members and set back all your worries.

    3. Indulge in Household Chores

    To beat the boredom while in lockdown, indulge yourself in various household chores like cleaning, washing, dusting, doing laundry, etc. You can even engage your kids in activities like cooking. Teach them how to bake delicious cookies, cakes, bread, pizzas, etc.  Remember, the lockdown is a golden opportunity for you to teach children to develop critical life skills. It will encourage them to take up gender-neutral responsibilities of housework in the future.

    4. Pick Up a Hobby

    Lockdown gives you the opportunity to revive all those hobbies you left undone. So, make sure you work through your old to-do-list while you stay at home. Throw yourself into your favorite activities like reading, knitting, painting, sketching, photography, singing, dancing, gardening, etc. You can even surf the internet to learn some skills. 
    This is the time to connect with your passions and identity. So, ensure you make it rewarding and fulfilling.

    5. Contribute to Society

    • It’s important to lend help to our respective communities during this crisis. Helping others can help you cope with the lockdown. Here are different ways to volunteer during the COVID-19 crisis:
    • Reach out to the elders who live alone in your locality. Help them with the grocery and medicine supplies.
    • Pay basic salary to your maids and housekeeping staff or provide them with ration for a month or two, if possible.
    • Raise money and offer some help to the watchman and daily cleaners working in your society.  
    • You can also create health gears like face masks at home and donate it to various health centers.
    • Feed birds and animals around your society and offer meals and medicines to the poor and needy sitting on the roads.
    • Offer financial support to NGOs and charity organizations that are putting together funds to aid the most vulnerable communities during the lockdown. The internet compiles a list of centers where you can donate online.
    • You can also donate directly to the “Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF)” online. 
    This lockdown is indeed a first-time experience for all of us. Although it’s a rough phase, we need to invest our time in relevant tasks. Being engaged at home will not only keep you physically and mentally fit, but also help you appreciate the little things in life.

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