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Best Digital Marketing Books for Startups

    Digital marketing books are a great read. They show you how to ‘glide through the wave’ of the internet – even if you are a newbie to digital marketing. Packed with great takeaways, these books are ideal for startup founders who are looking to scale their business.
    Are you an early-stage entrepreneur? Are you finding it hard to keep up with the digital marketing world? Want to boost your brand image in the digital space? Have a look at these digital marketing books which are ideal for startup founders who are looking to scale their business.
    • Digital Marketing for Dummies - by Ryan Deiss , Russ Henneberry

    Written with the marketer's best interests in mind, this friendly, down-to-earth guide shows you how to use proven digital marketing strategies and tactics to expand the reach of your brand, increase audience engagement, and how to acquire and monetize customers. From SEO, SEM to content marketing, influencer marketing —and everything in between—this book helps you get the most out of all your digital marketing efforts.
    Whether you want to beef up your social media presence or simply looking for ways to craft a campaign from scratch, you will find everything you need to meet your business goals.
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    • Digital Marketing Essentials You Always Wanted to Know - by Vibrant Publishers

    Digital Marketing Essentials You Always Wanted to Know – this step-by-step guide covers the basics of digital marketing. Be it about websites, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc; this insightful guide covers all and more. The book lays out different principles one might use to boost their digital marketing performance. The language used is simple. It is fine-tuned for the beginners in the field who’d find it easy to understand the concepts.
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    • Decoding Digital: Unlocking Digital Barriers, Foreword - By Dr. Philip Kotler

    As the title suggests, this book explores the technical aspects of digital marketing. From SEO to Social Media, Google Adword, to Lead Generation and much more, this book covers all the aspects of digital marketing. As a reader, you can gain insights into how an integrated, comprehensive approach helps drive growth and success. Simple and well written, this book makes for both an informative and interesting read. It answers all your queries related to digital marketing.
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    • The Art of Digital Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Creating Strategic, Targeted, and Measurable Online Campaigns - by Ian Dodson

    The Art of Digital Marketing is a comprehensive guide to cracking the digital marketing 'code’. It teaches you how to reach, engage, and serve the empowered customers. Based on the industry's leading certification from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), this book presents an innovative methodology for successful digital marketing: start with the customer and work backward.
    If you are starting a new project in digital marketing or want to build a digital marketing agency, this is a go-to book!
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    • Marketing in a Digital & Data world: Getting to Know Your Customer – a Book for the Start-Up Entrepreneur and Millenial - by Walter Vieira and Brian Almeida

    In this book, Vieira and Almeida have leveraged their extensive knowledge bases and their experiences to comprehensively address the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and executives when they introduce an idea to market in today's digital world. This book provides an in-depth look at the rapidly changing world of marketing and business in which we live. By using real-world examples, the books highlight the solutions to various problems. Easy to understand this book is a must-read if you want to sharpen your digital marketing skills.
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    • Digital Marketing Strategy – An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing – Simon Kingsnorth

    Built to focus on what matters most in today’s high-tech, globalized world, the book presents the contemporary concepts of digital marketing in the most lucid manner. This book not only provides the essential techniques and platforms of digital marketing but also tells you how to plan and, integrate keeping in mind the aims and goals.
    Simon Kingsnorth brings digital marketing strategy to life through best practice case studies, illustrations, checklists, and summaries, to give you insightful and practical guidance. Rather than presenting a restrictive 'one size fits all' model, this book gives you the tools to tailor-make your own strategy according to your unique business needs.
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    • Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics - by Jeremy Kagan

    Designed to be used as a backbone text for a foundational digital marketing class, this book is enriched with extensive case studies, examples, tools, and resources to supplement and support the lessons of digital marketing. This book approaches digital marketing in two ways: from the point of view of the strategic thinker and that of a tactical perspective. Digital professionals will find this an essential reference for their work. An easy read, packed with vital information, this book is ideal for those who wish to achieve success in business through digital marketing.
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    All the above books are ideal to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll be overflowing with creative ideas after you read it. Filled with great insights, these books will help you stay on the top in the digital world.